Among fans of a healthy lifestyle there are people of different sexes, but it is women who face certain difficulties when choosing a bicycle. Best road bike brands that are produced by modern manufacturers and designed for the male body type and are not able to provide the cyclist with maximum comfort. Large brands make models designed specifically for women, but among other offers, it is also possible to find an option with the desired parameters.

Basic requirements for best women road bikes

The bike must have certain technical characteristics that provide the cycling fan with maximum ride comfort. The following parameters are considered to be the most important:

  • special frame geometry, suggesting a low top tube. Allows you to ride comfortably in any clothing, including dresses;
  • light weight for easy transport of the bike. Achieved thanks to a lightweight butted aluminum alloy or carbon fiber frame;
  • the presence of an anatomical saddle. In terms of comfort, specialized women’s models are vastly superior to versatile seating.

Many representatives of the fair sex attach particular importance to the design of a women’s bicycle. Manufacturers produce bicycles in various shades, so the choice of design is not difficult. The rest of the characteristics (level of components, maneuverability, cross-country ability, rolling speed) do not differ at all from the optimal parameters of a regular bicycle.

Stereotypes about women’s bicycles

The specific geometry of the frame assumes an understated position of the upper tube, as well as altered proportions. Most women have narrow shoulders, wide hips and small stature, so when creating the first ladies’ bicycles, the designers made the handlebars narrower, the frame is shorter, the saddle is wider. Modern bicycles with a classic frame can be easily adapted to the female anatomy by changing the position of the stem (handlebar attachment) and saddle, which makes it unnecessary to purchase a specialized model.

Inexperienced cyclists mistakenly believe that women’s models are made of unreliable components, arguing that the weight of the female body is low and the lack of a tendency to perform tricks. In reality, bicycles of different sizes are made from the same materials, regardless of the gender of the consumer for whom the product is intended.

Buying best bikes for ladies: key points

Planning to buy a women’s bike? Choose wisely. Pay attention to the distance between the saddle and the steering column, check if it can be changed. Once properly set up, the bike should be configured to fit comfortably in the saddle without stooping your back.

A bike is always purchased for a specific purpose. Think about what terrain you plan to ride. Are you talking about off-road or occasional outings in nature? Ditch low-flotation urban models in favor of high-tech Motor Bikes and hybrids.


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