Whether you believe in lucky number and superstitions or you’re a maths whizz who understands the science of mathematics, it can be agreed that casino games, as well as being games of chance, are all about numbers. A lot of players love the thrill of playing number games requiring skill and games involving more than just luck skill. However, you don’t need to be a mathematic whizz kid to enjoy these game and win, all you need to know is the basic principles of how online casinos and their games work. 

You might not realise this, but even in classic card games like blackjack which have picture cards are based around mathematics. However, a lot of players who play casino games at Star Slots don’t have an understanding of how these numbers work, so if that’s you – don’t worry – you aren’t alone! Casinos also know this to be true as they know that players often place bets which have poor odds making them risky bets to place, all unbeknown to the player. The most common reason players do this is because they are carried away in the moment, enjoying the game, without thinking about the numbers and how this would affect the outcome of the game and their chances of winning. Although the overarching aim of the game is to enjoy yourself, players usually are very keen to win too, so it’s good to know how numbers can make you a better gambler. 

Numbers at work in Online Casinos 

Roulette is a good example as the chances of a payout on a European single-zero wheel is 36-1, however, it is 37-1 on the American version as this has a double zero on the wheel. If you use the numbers to inform your bet, it’s a no brainer to bet on the European wheel as this has better odds, however, many players still choose to play the American version – essentially giving themselves a bad deal! They may still win, but, that one extra zero could make all the difference! The bottom line is, choose games with the best odds which have lower house edges for the best chance of winning!  

Another good example of how important numbers are to a casino game is in the game Craps which is a numbers game, with 11 of them in total, ranging from 2-12. These numbers are generated by rolling two six-sided dice with six pits 1-6 with a grand total of 36 possible outcomes. Usually, players will make a combination of bets, often three bets. However, the more bets you make, the quicker your bankroll will be wound down due to the house edge. 

Some experiences players recommend that instead of several bet to instead limit yourself to a single bet.  


Remember, even though casino games are a place of numbers, don’t let that get in the way of enjoying the game you’re playing. Take things slowly so you don’t get caught up in the excitement, make informed bets based on the odds and enjoy the thrill of the game!