You will certainly do some research on football and everything associated with it before betting but what is more critical is to take your search in the right direction. For example, if you are betting on number of corners, yellow or red cards, you need focusing on individual players instead of teams.

Here’re some verified soccer tips on factors to look into before betting on football matches

1. League position

If you start checking the league position from the best division in your country, you could miss the position of other teams in lower division or other countries. League table could give crucial information on Home and Away wins and number of draws. Also, you can check the goal difference between winning and losing teams and which teams are scoring more goals. 

2. Fixtures

Go through fixture list of every team well in advance of betting as schedule of matches have a direct say on performance of a team. For example, a team that is playing more games could suffer from fixture “congestion”. It happens when teams play many matches in a short time. In this situation, managers often replace key players with younger players while playing with weaker teams.

3. Statistics

A match between two clubs of the same city is called “Derby” and one between clubs with a history of competitiveness is called “Bitter Rivals”. You need checking the history of Derby and Bitter Rivals games to make an opinion on a future game. Also, these games are highly emotional hence you will see more yellow and red cards and penalties awarded in these games.

There are Bogey teams that are teams that lose confidence against specific teams, season after season. Also, there are spells of win, loss and draws. A run of win, loss or draw could end with unexpected results like a team that has been winning since start could lose after 4 or 5 wins.

4. Weather

It can play spoilsport as clubs bring players from far off places that take time in adapt to changed weather conditions. Day and time of a match could have both good and bad affect on players. Similarly, weather can change ground condition from humid to dry. For example, the ball will get more bounce on a drier ground than humid. Wind speed is also a factor for playing long ball shots. But wet playing surface is more suitable for quick passing game. You should check daily weather reports during league matches and tournaments to know how weather will affect performance of teams.  

5. Kick off time

It is about day and time of a fixture. For example, a team that will play its match on Thursday evening and next match on Sunday noon will get little time to rest, relax and train its players for the second match. A change in kick of time would mean a change in sleeping and relaxing periods of teams and this change could have an adverse effect on their performance. Difference in kick off time of two matches could affect performance of contesting teams positively or negatively. 

6. Managers

Clubs change their managers often for reasons like poor results over a period of time and when a new manager joins, he brings dramatic improvement in the team he joins. But the results could be short-lived depending on the experience of a manager. You need checking which clubs have new managers before betting on them.

7. Key players

Keep an eye over performance of key players like strikers that always remain at the forefront and midfielders that defend their teams and assist the strikers as well. Also, consider over-rated and under-rated players but never follow TV pundits and fan clubs blindly. You need rating players according to your findings like goals scored in a season and yellow/red cards received. 

8. Injuries

It is common for football players to get injured but some injuries require surgical treatment and sometimes result in permanent retirement from the game. But the good thing is that most players return back to the ground after completing their recovery period. You should check which players are injured and how their absence could affect performance of their teams.

9. Penalties awarded

A penalty can be turned into a goal and for this reason, teams always look for opportunities for penalties. When looking for statistics about penalties, you will come to know that some teams give more penalties. Also, that attacking teams get more opportunities. 

10. Strategy of players

Every team/club adopts a different strategy depending on the individual performance of players, strength of contesting team, kick off time, weather and other factors. Also, the strategy keeps changing according to changed needs. For example, a team will revisit its strategy after losing an important match.

11. Transfer windows

It is the time players get to change their loyalties. Also, clubs can hire players during this time. Every player has a worth determined by his performance. Top ranking players charge top dollar price and their inclusion can boost confidence of clubs they join. Similarly, the clubs that lose top players feel underconfident. You need keeping an eye on transfer of players to assess strength and weakness of football teams/clubs.

12. Past results

Consider past results of the team you are betting on as the past results can affect its performance. For example, a winning team could become complacent while playing with a weaker team. Also, you should check performance of the team you betting on against the contesting team. 

Final thoughts

Predicting result of a football match is difficult but the right prediction about total goals scored, penalties awarded and yellow/red cards shown can be made by keeping certain factors in mind. If you can do research on football teams/clubs and matches, you can make the right prediction. 

For football betting tips today, you need information and the good thing is that there are many sources that can provide latest and authentic information about football. Also, you can consider views of experienced sports journalists and retired managers and football players while forming an opinion on specific football teams/clubs.