The NBA league continues to plan the resumption of its postponed season, and they plan it big time. While the players and fans have different opinions, will the NBA be able to carry out this season to the end?

Back in May, many news outlets were reporting that the NBA was figuring out how to finish their current season. The NBA soon worked out a deal to transfer their gameplay at the Walt Disney World Resort. As they noted in their reports, they will play their final games of the season at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. This complex would form a sort of “bubble”, serving as the official site for games, practices and housing. Now, they’ve announced new perks and arrangements for the NBA all-stars. Reportedly, Disney will offer to NBA players and their families access to unreleased movies, while staying in this bubble. This includes movies that haven’t been released for the general public, including Marvel’s Black Widow.

As the NBA is set to resume its season on July 31 2020 it continues to reveal protocols for ensuring the highest level of safety and security. However, safety is not their only priority, but also leisure and fun activities. Players will have various amenities during their stay at Disney, including a players-only lounge with video games, casino lounges, pool, traits, relax centres etc. When we mentioned casino lounges, check out the online versions of the popular casino slot games. There are over thousands of themes, gameplay and designs to choose from, starting from movie and sports culture to galaxy and science. For example, check this Beetlejuice Megaways slot game inspired from the well-known Tim Burton blockbuster, if you’re a fan of his work and some 80’s retro spooky vibes.

When it comes to accommodation, the league decided hotels for every team, based on the seedings. Hence, the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, Toronto Raptors, Los Angeles Clippers, Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz, and Miami Heat, who are in the first 8 positions, will stay at the Gran Destino.

Following them, the Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Dallas Mavericks, Brooklyn Nets, Memphis Grizzlies, and Orlando Magic, would stay at the Grand Floridian.

Lastly, the Portland Trail Blazers, New Orleans Pelicans, San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns, and the Washington Wizards would stay at the Yacht Club.

Some players started a discussion on a few social media platforms about the hotels and their quality of service. They discussed preferences of one of the other two hotels that the league assigned to their team. However, the league has drawn the stay schedules out as per rankings in the seeds. It seems that with all this planning and more to come, the league might be able to successfully carry out the games.

There has been no confirmation from Disney when it comes to Black Widow being the movie (or among the movies) chosen to be presented in front of NBA players. Black Widow is still scheduled for release later in 2020. While NBA players are set to arrive in July to begin their training, this could be a feature or a perk for Disney to want to show off, since it’s close to the nationwide opening date.

On the other hand, there are others that think this would be a surprising move by Disney, considering the plot details of the film would certainly leak to social media. Looking back at Avengers: Endgame, when NFL bench rider LeSean McCoy saw the film ahead of the official release, he quickly shared a major spoiler on social media with intentional typos to avoid keywords which had been muted. Soon after this, he admitted that he made a huge mistake. As a result of this, many Marvel fans are already fired up on social media about possible spoilers and the film being potentially screened early. Black Widow is currently set for release on November 5.