There is something about the fall season that is so peaceful, relaxing and calm. You can see the leaves turning from golden to rust, and it is a preview of what the winter season has in store for us. With the changing season, there comes a change in the variety of e-liquids as well. You can find yourself intimidated by the variety of flavours that you can choose from to try this fall. You can opt for something chilly, or something warm, and even mix them up to get the complete autumn experience. Following are some popular recommendations of vape flavours.

  • Django

Django is the flagship juice from your friends at 13th Floor Elevapors.  This juice is perfect for fall as it is a delectable blend of smooth vanilla milk and chewy gooey caramel topped off with a ever so slight hint of Kentucky tobacco that you will taste on the exhale.  For the chilly nippy fall nights, those blends will have you thinking of chilling in a rocking chair enjoying a nice fire and a light smoke.

  • Red’s Apple 

For people who are apple fanatics, Red’s Apple is the no.1 choice when it comes to vaping in fall season. This flavour is rich of apple cider, apple pie and fizzy apple taste along with a hint of the caramelized apple flavour of the pie you crave. All these flavours – just in a liquid, now isn’t that amazing? This flavour is a mesmerizing fall favourite with the perfect tones of sweetness, crispiness of the apple flavour in every inhaling breath of vape.

  • Taruto 

Vaping Taruto is like a dessert in your mouth. It is the perfect mixture of creaminess and sweetness that warms you up and makes you crave for more. This flavour is perfect for a fall evening when you are all cozied up in your couch and are watching tv. You can try it with salty popcorn as well- which makes up for the perfect snack combines with this flavour! Taruto tastes perfectly smooth, sweet and creamy that it makes you feel at ease. You can imagine it as similar to a pastry crust filled with the creamiest vanilla custard. 

  • Mochi Dough 

Mochi Dough is flavoured more like a sweet creamy flavour of chai tea latte. It is sweet with a hint of bitterness, and the smooth texture it gives comes just like the cream and mil in the chai latte. You can pair your Mochi dough vape perfectly with a rainy evening, a car ride, or just your evening walks in autumn. The warm cinnamon and sugar hints give you the perfect autumn vibes whether you are at home or outdoors. 

  • Haute Mocha 

Haute Mocha is a lot similar to Mocha, as the name implies. This flavour compares to the mocha frappe that is everyone’s coffee favourite, and for people who want to mix their vaping needs with their coffee needs. This flavour brings you a rush of chocolate infused in coffee along with a dash of expresso; making it the ultimate choice for chocolate and coffee lovers.