As with everything else in life since the ’60s, women are quickly becoming a market force in the iGaming industry to consider. What percentage of gamers are female you’re asking? With an average of almost 47% of all gamers being women, software developers are scrambling to answer the age-old question: What do women want?

Michelle Thomas is an avid lady-gamer and an expert writer on all things gaming and online gambling-related. She shares some valuable insights into the differences between men and women in the mobile gaming industry.

Whether it’s online free slots Canada or live casino games in Vegas, one thing’s for sure: the ladies are making their mark, and the industry’s responding. We take a look at the main differences between these two market segments and where they meet in the middle.

What do women prefer when playing online?

You might be surprised to hear that male and female gamers do play the same online games. The three top pics from both genders are Candy Crush Saga, Warcraft, and Call of Duty.

Many would argue that it could be because women are playing whatever is available at home, but that argument doesn’t hold up if you look at recently published video game gender statistics.

According to, women in the iGaming market have steadily increased from 38% in 2006 to 46% in 2019. The majority of them play mobile titles; it’s evident that women know what they want and choose their games.

Where Do Women Engage With Online Games Apps?

Where a noticeable difference steps into play, is why and when women play games. 39% of female gamers tend to play what their friends and relatives suggest to them. They prefer to participate or interact with their friends on a specific platform, mostly being mobile.

Female gamers have a more friendly approach to iGaming than the 70% average core gamers found amongst men. Another 20% participate through social media platforms like Facebook. It’s no coincidence that mobile games’ latest social media ads include names like Jennifer Lopez and Kris Jenner.

The Age Demographic Of Women Gamers

The average age of women participating in online gaming might also come as a surprise. Millennials make up the majority of gamers worldwide; women who participate in online gaming have an average age of 36. It seems playing a quick mobile game between laundry bundles has become very popular.

Which Genres Do Women Prefer?

In a recent survey compiled in 13 countries, with men and women aged between 10 and 65, it was surprising to note the similarities between male and female genre preferences. Men and women listed strategy, action-adventure, and sports as their top picks. That’s where it ended. Women have selected a wider variety of genres, including arcade, puzzles, and simulation games.

In the simulation genre with games such as Sims and Farming Simulator, women have taken a massive 70% of the user demographic. It’s also notable that these games are mostly played on mobile by women.

What Are Men Doing That’s Different From Women?

Where Do Men Find Their Next New Game?

There is a significant difference in how men approach finding and buying or playing new games. Where women rely heavily on friends and social circles, 50% of male gamers browse through review sites and online video marketing channels to find their next top pick. Only 27% of male players rely on friends, family, or social platforms to discover new games.

The Age Demographics Of Male Gamers

According to recent research, the average age of core gamers is between 18 and 34. The average age is getting younger year on year. One could find many reasons for this occurrence, but the most noticeable remains the availability and affordability of mobile gaming.

Which Platforms are Favoured By Men?

With 51% of all mobile gamers being women, most men still prefer console and PC games. It could be credited to the fact that shooter games rank as the #1 genre across all ages for men. 38% of all male gamers have indicated that they play shooter games on console more than any other type and platform.


It’s becoming more affordable year-on-year to participate in online tournaments or to connect to your favourite game via a mobile device. It’s allowing players across all demographics to participate in their favourite games without paying for expensive consoles, gear, or disks.

The global reach of mobile connectivity has brought online gaming to everybody’s screens. The demographic has not settled down yet. As the face of gaming keeps on changing, so do the users.