eSports is competitive online gaming, whether that be Playstation, Xbox, or PC. Players play against each other in competitive tournaments on a whole host of games. These games include Fortnite, Call of Duty, Fifa, and League of Legends.

For most, being an eSports player seems like the ultimate childhood dream: playing games all day and being paid to do so. However, for most becoming a competitive gamer and part of an eSports team is unattainable, you must be the best of the best.

However, those who do make the big ranks and play for big eSports teams such as FaZe clan, team liquid, and ENCE are able to earn money playing games online, and a lot of it.

This article will discuss what you need to know about eSports, including how much money there is to be made as a professional eSports gamer.

Who can become an eSports gamer?

To become a professional eSports player, you must be the best at your game. Hundreds of thousands of players apply to teams, however, very few make it.

We’re not just talking about a fluke game either, you must perform consistently in whatever game you specialize in, whether that be Overwatch, Fortnite, of Call of Duty.

eSports is on the rise, now with physical and virtual tournaments hosted weekly. These tournaments are streamed live on platforms such as Twitch & YouTube, for millions of fans to watch live.

How much money is there to be made as an eSports player?

There is certainly no shortage of prize money when it comes to eSports competitions. The prize fund is usually split between players of the winning team, however, players can also earn bonuses depending on their performance and how the team splits the winnings themselves.

However, players have been seen to earn upwards of $200,000 for winning tournaments on competitive games such as Dota 2.

As you’ve likely noticed, the eSports industry is only really just beginning to take off. Inevitably, these prize funds are going to increase further, creating a lucrative career path for young, skillful gamers.

To conclude

eSports is competitive online gaming across a variety of different games including Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Dota 2. Players compete against each other in tournaments in a quest to win the prize fund on offer.

As an eSports player, if you are consistently winning tournaments and a valuable member of a team, you can expect to earn a six-figure salary each year.