Are you an athlete or a bodybuilder looking to have an increase in size? Well, if you want to get a bulky body just like the guys you often see in the gym, you can work on getting a better diet or simply just use steroids.

There are many different types of steroids available in the market and if you have any experience in this field, you will definitely know what’s best for you to use.

Also known as multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements or MIPS, legal steroids can also be classified as over-the-counter supplements. They are often used for the improvement of performance and stamina during the workout session. With that said let us see more about them.

What are legal steroids?

Well, just as the name suggests, legal steroids are just some muscle building supplements that are allowed by state to be used, i.e. They are not illegal. There are some other types of steroids that are manufactured and used illegally why people.

Among them is anabolic androgenic steroids, also known as the AAS. These are synthetic products that are always manufactured to work just the same as male sex hormone, testosterone. If someone is suffering from muscle wasting or they have difficulties in producing testosterone, they can always use these supplements to treat the condition but only if it is prescribed by a professional medical expert.

However, most bodybuilders and athletes always use them illegally to help them improve their performance or muscle mass. If you ask those who have been using legal steroids for a while, you will notice that there are some that don’t have any side effects and they are totally safe to use.

However, there are those that are completely ineffective when used and some can even cause harm to the user. Below are a few supplements you can consider using. Checkout more information here


If you talk to most gym enthusiasts who have been using steroids before, this name is most likely going to pop up in your conversation. This is simply because, it is one of the most commonly used supplements when it comes to enhancing performance.

You can also find it as a naturally occurring substance that is often found in some of the foods we eat. For instance, meat and fish. You can also find it available in various different stores as a supplement that helps in muscle building. A few benefits of creatine includes:

  • Increased rate of muscle growth. This was confirmed after a study showed that athletes who were using creatine had a rapid increase in muscle fibers and the overall body mass. Compared to those who did not use the substance, the difference could clearly be seen.
  • The use of creatine can also lead to an increase in the overall muscle mass in your body. It can also help in building strength in the legs.

With that said, one can come to a conclusion that indeed creatine is one of the best supplements you can use to increase muscle mass in the body. This is also due to the fact that it doesn’t have any long-term health effects of the body. Click here to read more about creatine.


Matrix metalloproteinase

Also known as MMP, this is a blend of different substances put together in one. The substances include betaine creating and an extract of dendrobium. Just like creatine, you can also use this substance for muscle building.

However, it is not quite as safe. Also, using this substance will not result to a massive increase in muscle mass as people are meant to believe. However, a study done on it showed that after 6 weeks of training, the participants who used the substance reported to have higher energy and better focus or concentration.

So, if you are an athlete looking for energy to help you go longer or build endurance for your workout sessions, this might just be what you need. But, just us with other over-the-counter supplements, it is important 2 check the label of the products and watch out for any additional ingredients that are capable of causing long-term health effects or any reactions.

Other ways you can use to build strength and muscle mass

As mentioned before, you can use supplements to help you build muscle mass and increase your strength. But, there are other methods as well and below are a few of them.

Proper weight training plan

For this, it is important that you learn about the different muscle groups that your body have. This will help you to come up with a great plan for your weight training. It is also advisable that you alternate your training.

This simply means alternating you are weight training for different parts of the body i.e. legs, arms, abs, and chest. The method should then be improved and repeated over time as you become comfortable with the exercise. Having a challenging routine will help and being consistent with it will give you better results as compared to the use of steroids.

Having a healthy diet

You should watch what you eat and ensure that part of your diet is filled with foods that can help you build lean muscle. Such foods are usually low in fats and carbohydrates but rich in fiber, amino acids, and protein. The foods include; chickpeas, eggs, peanuts, lean fish and Greek yoghurt among others. Follow this link to read more about healthy diet for strength and muscles


As much as you would want to use steroids, it is important to look for other natural ways you can use to achieve your fitness goals. But, if you must use them, ensure to use them under a doctor’s prescription as they can cause dangerous health effects if not used properly.