The excitement for 2020 March Madness is filling the air of basketball hoops as it will kick off very soon. By the way, March Madness is a term coined for the NCAA All Men’s Basketball Tournament that features Division 1 rounds from four different regions, namely Midwest, South, East, and West.

The March Madness this year will start on March 17 and 18, 2020. It will feature the Top 64 teams who will compete in the First Four Rounds, First and Second Rounds, Regional Semifinals and Finals Round. The matches will take place in various notable basketball courts, so you should not miss any chance of witnessing every game.

The most important part of the NCAA season is the Final Four showdown. It will feature the four toughest basketball teams who successfully overcome the Elite Eight matches. This event will take place on April 4 and 6 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

As an avid fan of the March Madness, you might be interested in watching the Final Four matchups and take part in the betting games of the NCAA basketball spreads. As such, here are some NCAA Final Four betting culture you might want to follow so you can earn big.

Eastern Teams Dominated Final Four Showdown

In the past 21 years of the NCAA Championships and Final Four showdown, twenty times that a team from the Eastern regionals has shown up in this round. That said, these teams had successfully covered at least a 96% success rate heading to the Final Four.

In today’s season of March Madness, there are four strongest teams who top the seeding process for the Eastern Division. They are San Diego State Aztecs, Duke Blue Devils, Maryland Terrapins, and Butler Bulldogs. You might want to consider betting on these teams in the NCAA Final Four season.

Disregard The Ranking In The Seeding Part

As stated, the Final Four are the teams that successfully won the Elite 8 elimination. In this case, it can be anyone else’s ballgame. The seeding and ranking points do not make sense anymore as the team’s standing is based on their recent victories. So, you have to review your team’s performance in the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight to find their value in betting.

No.1 Seeds Are Good In The Points Spread

If the No.1 team seed will make it in the Final Four, and will be a possible candidate to win the NCAA title. Aside from that, they also come up with good value when it comes to Points Spread betting, so you can also consider this option.

Don’t Forget The Underdogs

Like the football betting games, the underdogs can soar high in the NCAA Final Four rounds. As long as they are given a chance to compete in the Sweet Sixteen and Elite, they can come back strong and scratch the favorites effortlessly. If you see an underdog team in the upcoming NCAA Final Four, you should consider them in betting.

First Time Final Four Coaches

From 2005 up to 2018, most of the coaches who won the NCAA title were on their first appearance. The same with the Final Four teams, they also appeared in this stage for the first time. Make sure you also consider a team in the Final Four with a coaching head that introduces his team to the NCAA championships initially this season.

Look For The Best Defense And Offense Skills

The defense and the offense skills are the two main factors needed by a team to win the NCAA Final Four spot along with the title. The offense skills refer to the ability of each player in scoring inside the perimeter or even in the three-point line. You can check each player’s scoring statistics in the previous rounds to compare their defense percentages.

On the other hand, the defensive side is also needed when you bet for the winning team in the Final Four. It is a strategy developed by the coach based on the offense shown by the opponents. If a team who won the Elite Eight has demonstrated an impressive defensive talent, then they are a good bet for the Final Four.


The 2020 March Madness will run almost four weeks in various basketball court venues. Aside from that, the event will showcase the best NCAA basketball teams who topped the bracketing process per region. The final-line up comes in 64 groups and later will be cut into 32 to represent the First and Second rounds.

After that, the final 32 will compete in the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight rankings until they reach the Final Four. Indeed, the rounds for the upcoming NCAA are quite hard. Thus, if your team makes it to the Final Four and you’d like to bet for them to win the NCAA title, then the betting trends above will likely help you earn a considerable profit.