256 million people across the world play soccer. That number continues to grow as populations expand and soccer holds steady as being one of the most economically accessible games on the planet.

While few people that play soccer will go onto to becoming professional athletes, many who love the game can find careers in doing other things related to the sport including being an office manager, scout or coach.

For those of you that are interested in soccer coaching jobs specifically, this post is for you! In it, we quickly go over simple steps that you can take to work your way towards a paid coaching job, fast!

1. Get Comfortable With Working for Free

Unfortunately, unless you’ve enjoyed an attention-grabbing run at being a soccer player, it’s going to be very hard to jump straight from being a lover of soccer into being a soccer coach. To start building your coaching experience, you’ll need to resign yourself to taking volunteer positions and climbing the ladder.

Most communities have opportunities where adults can volunteer to coach youth soccer. Leverage search engines or other community-based resources to see what’s available to you and apply.

2. Work on Your Certificates and Licenses

A lot of people don’t know this but the United States Youth Soccer Association offers certifications and certificates in coaching. Obtaining those commendations will cost money and time but may be required for paid positions later on so acquiring them as soon as possible is advised.

Not only will USYSA commendations look good on a resume but they’ll also help you become a better coach almost immediately.

3. Perform

People that are giving out soccer coaching jobs aren’t looking to hire a bad or average coach. They want a coach that can help players win.

To prove to the world that you’re a winning coach, double-down on maximizing your volunteer squad’s performance. After all, if you can’t drive results in a youth soccer league, how are you going to have an impact in a competitive high school, collegiate or professional division?

4. Build Your Network

There are several networking events and conventions that are held for coaches of all levels. Make it a point to attend these so you can learn and network with people that may one day facilitate you getting hired for a paid position.

Noteworthy coaching events include the United Soccer Coaches Convention and the National Sports Leadership Conference.

5. Pad Your Resume and Start Applying

As your list of coaching experiences becomes progressively impressive, use Adobe Spark resume templates or similar CV builders to put together something that you can give to employers. With your resume in place, it’s just a matter of using job search engines to find paid soccer coaching positions and applying.

With the right network and a strong knowledge of the game, you’ll be making a living coaching the sport that you love in no time!

Soccer Coaching Jobs Are Out There so Grab Them Now

It may seem like a pipe dream to find soccer coaching jobs that are fulfilling and pay the bills. The truth is that people get hired to be coaches every day. Why not you?

Use the steps that we’ve laid out to start generating momentum behind your career and feel free to read more of the sports-centric content that we have on our blog for additional inspiration!

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