We have been waiting for sports to be back for too long time. We all love watching sports whether it is baseball, hockey, football…especially football. But what’s going on with todays football and which matches are currently being played? Probably a lot of you are looking forward to watching football on TV and to be up to date with sports main events. Telefootball created a website that provides an accurate schedule for all upcoming football fixtures and football today scores so everybody can enjoy it. Some of the leagues that you can inform about are Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and so on. With Telefootball you won’t miss any of your favorite matches that are broadcasting on TV. Now you can get every game.

Which football matches are on TV today? 

Since mid-March, football has been forgotten due to the pandemic, but the European Championships are gradually returning to a rhythm close to normal. There are no fans on the field, but the good news is they can still watch their favorite teams in front of the screen.


The first major football championship which returned was the German Bundesliga. Since May 16th, matches are already being played in compliance with strict anti-epidemic guidelines. 

Premier League

The English Premier League also came back a few weeks ago after 100 days of absence, although many fans were not convinced that it was the right time to return. To reassure them, the government announced that all matches will be played with a number of strict social distancing guidelines.

La Liga

Spanish clubs have already agreed with the authorities to start training. The request of the president of La Liga Javier Tebas was the championship to start on June 12 and it was fulfilled. La Liga’s season returned with a Seville derby, with Sevilla played with Real Betis.

Seria A

After much doubt about whether the Italian Serie A can be renewed Health authorities approved the teams to start group training on May 18. A Serie A season resumed on June 20 and returned to the championship. 

Ligue 1

Unlike other major championships, the French one was suspended after the government banned all sport main events until September. The provisional ranking in Ligue 1 was taken as the final and PSG was declared as a champion. However, the decision sparked outrage, with some clubs announcing they would take legal action.

What is going on with the other championships in Europe?


The Austrian Bundesliga started on June 2 and it plays matches every three days. The clubs received the right to train in full force from May 15. The final cup was played on June 29 and Red Bull Salzburg won the Austrian Bundesliga title.


The Albanian federation resumed the first-level championship on June 3rd. The final cup will be held on August 2.


All matches in the league were postponed to March 8. The intention is the season to end according to plan.


Armenian first level clubs resumed training on April 23rd. The country’s football federation restarted matches about a month ago.


The plan for the Azerbaijani Premier League was to start it a few weeks after the end of the state of emergency in the country. However, the government extended the blockade until May 31, making it impossible to return football before June.


Belarus is the only country in Europe where football has continued to be played in the wake of the pandemic. So far, only two matches from the first two levels have been postponed due to suspicions of infected people.

UEFA Champions League

UEFA announced the changes in the form of the Champions League this season. As expected, the tournament will end with a “final eight” and the matches will be played in Lisbon. The quarterfinals and semifinals will be decided with one game, and the final will be held on August 23. The matches of the 1/8 finals will be played on August 7th and 8th.

The stadiums of Benfica, Sporting and Porto will host the matches of the 1/4 finals, semifinals, and finals. Guimaraes will host the matches of the 1/8 finals.

Olympic Stadium in Istanbul will host the match for the trophy in the next edition of the tournament.

Where can you watch football on TV?

Football never stops – the pandemic aside – whether it’s the Premier League, the Champions League or international games like the European Championship, there are almost always some actions. The good news is football is back. It is finally here, it is finally upon us. 

If you want to watch football on TV today, you may use football IPTV, you might be watching it free, you might know that being broadcast free by certain companies.

Obviously this year the football is going through a difficult period, but now it seems it is starting to resume. There is a lot of football on today. Pretty much every game is being broadcast not like before when you had to get old games here and there. Some of the places are broadcasting for free like Amazon, Sky Sport has cheap deals and offers for watching football, BT also provides some affordable offers, and there are a few games for free on BBC as well.

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