Only a few years ago, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury were laughed at by most of the boxing press, while experts claimed that they would never become champions, let alone superstars of the sport. Wilder was heavily criticized for easily winning against mostly journeyman opponents, and even when started knocking out former champions and contenders, there were still doubters. On the other hand, Fury had it even worse. He was treated like a joke act, with replays of him punching himself with uppercuts, and all the talk about his weight. But as we know, nothing works so well like success, and when both of them become champions, things have suddenly changed. Still, even then, they were in the shadow of Anthony Joshua, as he was seen as a future unified champion of the world. Since the first fight between Wilder and Fury in December 2018, it is clear that they are cream of the crop and that after the humiliating loss against Andy Ruiz (which he avenged), Joshua will have to wait for his chance patiently.

Wilder Vs. Fury 2 will take place on 22nd February 2020, and the excitement is huge, as no one can predict who will end up winning it. What is so interesting about this match that draws attention like Sex Games is that fighters are so different in style. Not even Wilder would doubt that Fury is a better boxer. He is the changing styles and attacking with variety, while able to adapt. Fury knows how to change a pace at any moment, and if something doesn’t work for him, he will try something else. What saved him in his first match with Wilder was his durability, as he somehow survived hard knockdowns. It wasn’t easy for his opponent to see him back on his feet after unloading everything on him. Wilder is a whole different beast, as for him, it’s all about the incredibly strong right hand. While in theory, any boxer knows that this is his biggest strength, no one was able to resist it, including Fury. It’s hard to fight against someone for 10 or 12 rounds knowing that you can’t afford a single mistake. Even defensive genius like Fury made a few of them, and that was the reason why he lost his win in the last rounds.

So, what will happen when they meet again? The only sure thing is that their fight won’t be a quick one, as they know so much about each other and are too good to get knocked out quickly. Wilder will be under pressure to strike his opponent, as Fury is the one who will be patient while trying to win rounds. On the other hand, he did the same in their last meeting, and it didn’t end up well, as he looked like he was playing too many Free Adult Games. But that is the point – anything can happen and it probably will!