It couldn’t be a better time for sports betting right now. The US has legalized betting at a national level and now it seems that every month a new state is opening its doors to online sportsbooks.

With football being the most popular sport in the country, it comes as no surprise that the best sportsbooks in the US have placed a huge emphasis on football betting. Initially, the NFL was resistant to the idea of getting into bed with sportsbooks, stating that it would affect the integrity of the game. But eventually the lure of the big bucks was too much for the league and they finally partnered with Caesars.

Eight teams followed suit and partnered with the Vegas-based casino and sportsbook. The fantasy sports operators, DraftKings and FanDuel made the transition into the world of sports betting with ease and are now leading the way. It makes sense that they have done so well considering that they already had a loyal fan base of sports fans and huge amount of statistical know-how. It seems that the NJ sportsbooks have profited the most so far, with a huge portion of their revenue stream coming from the Garden State.

There is more good news. Sportsbooks that offer NFL betting, are offering some amazing welcome bonuses. This is because each state offers a huge opportunity. If we take Ohio, for example, which recently legalized online sports betting. Here we have a potential customer base of millions that has suddenly become available. With all the sportsbooks entering the market at the same time, sportsbooks have to come up with something incredible to entice customers away from the competition. Once a customer has signed up to a sportsbook, they usually stick to them, that’s just how humans are. These offers won’t be around forever, eventually, they will be reduced to more sustainable amounts.