The Premier League is seen as the top level of the English football league system. This is currently made up of 30 football clubs and is mainly operated by the English Football League. This is now the most-watched sports worldwide with estimated viewers of 4.7 billion.

Every year, this runs from August to May. The 2019-2020 season of the Premier League has already started last August 9, 2019. It is scheduled to conclude on May 17 of next year. Currently, it already has an average attendance of 38,953. The total attendance already reached 2,609,855.

This year’s Premier League is already its 28th season as it was founded in 1992. Manchester City is still the defending champion. It’s their second successive year and another 19 teams are up to compete for this year’s championship.

The 2019-2020 Premier League seems to promise a very interesting season for football fanatics and even punters. Many punters are now all-over predicting sites and are, as early as now, creating accounts on sportsbooks for betting. Surely, they now look forward to how players from different teams would perform this year.

Aside from the scheduled matches, many football fans are also looking forward to seeing how players do this season. Here are a few players to watch out for this year’s Premier League.

  • Tom Heaton

Tom Heaton is the goalkeeper for Anston Villa and the English national team. On a recent interview, Dean Smith, Anston Villa’s manager, has said that Heaton was the standout choice for the team. This is why they signed him for a contract worth 8 million pounds.

Smith also admitted that he always sees Heaton as the number one instead of Jack Butland. Heaton’s contribution at Burnley during the top league was excellent and his experience is simply a standout.

Smith and everyone else in the team see his potential and overall, he’s a player with a good character. He knows how to put things behind him and focus on the game so well, according to Smith. He’s simply a great addition to Anston Villa.

  • Diogo Jota

Diogo Jota is part of the Wolverhampton Wanderers and is the Forward of the team. However, even if he’s listed as the team’s Forward player, he is more than capable of performing more than his contract’s worth. His contract is worth somewhere in between 6 to 7 million pounds.

There have been rumors that Harry Maguire is eyeing him to be part of his team. Rumor has it that he’ll be swapped for 80 million pounds, but the Wolves star said that he’d rather stick with his own team as of the moment.

  • Olivier Giroud

Before Chelsea’s transfer ban, Olivier Giroud already signed a one-year contract extension with the team. He was supposed to already be out of contract this summer, but the ban will also make it impossible for him to do so.

Despite the ban, Giroud is still happy that he gets another year with the team. His contract may only be priced at somewhere around 7 million pounds but he finds himself at home with the team. He sees them as his family and only expects to win more trophies with the team.

  • Daniel James

Daniel James’ contract with Manchester United is worth 18 million pounds, and this isn’t for nothing. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sees James’ potential and determination, and this is enough for the man to say that he sees him staying with the team for years and years.

James performance is pretty outstanding. He’s a versatile player who could play on the right flank or through the middle in the attack. One of James’ memorable plays is when he played in the FA Cup. He scored a solo goal during the fifth round against Brentford.

Even Ryan Riggs, Wale’s manager, and United legend sees his potential. He’s the one who gave James his senior international debut in November 2018. Even if he’s now signed with the Red Devils, he’s still named in Ryan Gigg’s Wales squad for the Euro 2020 qualifying matches where they’ll go against Croatia and Hungary.

  • Wilfried Zaha

Zaha is now part of the Premier League’s top six clubs and many see his talent as outstanding. He’s now priced at 7 million pounds as a midfielder. He is currently signed with Crystal Palace and rumored to be signed by the Arsenal.

However, recent updates rose and apparently, the deal won’t push through. Despite the amazing talent of Zaha, there have always been questions about his attitude. Back then, he was supposed to get signed with Manchester United.

However, that too didn’t push through. It was reported that his attitude had something to do with this. Zaha is also reported to be already desperate to leave the team but Wilf said no deal has been made regarding this yet. This season, Zaha is determined to put out his best play as his performance this season could determine whether another team wants him in.