Photo Credit: Danny Molyneux

When watching heated matches between our favorite teams, it’s often easy to forget that the star players have lives off of the field. So where do England’s greatest footballers go when they hang up their cleats?

On the topic of impressive lifestyles, two English footballers come to mind almost immediately: Liverpool born, record breaking enigma Wayne Rooney, and retired global superstar, David Beckham. These men have redefined the way we look at the sport and have surpassed every expectation in their professional careers, so it’s no surprise that their personal lives would be just as stunning.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is a 33 year old, Liverpool born football player who has a long running history in surpassing expectations. After an attempted burglary at his old place in 2016, the powerhouse player has announced plans for his new £20m estate in the Cheshire Countryside in 2017 and teams of construction workers have been on the job non-stop, working towards its completion. The mansion will boast an impressive array of facilities, which includes a cinema, winery, snooker hall and a stable capable of housing over a dozen horses. This house will be an upgrade over their already impressive £5m Prestbury home, which was sold to help fund the new project.

When thinking about Rooney, the record goalscorer for the national team who has been playing the sport since age 9 (and professionally since 16), one can’t seem to separate the player from the game. This is why it’s not surprising to note that the Cheshire home will have its own full size football pitch so the Liverpool born player can continue to hone his skills in luxury.

According to THEGOODESTATE, the upcoming 40 acre Cheshire manor will be one of the most expensive homes in English football history.  Though, not quite as expensive as the former football legend David Beckham’s London Mansion, it’s still a stunning sight.

David Beckham 


The home of 44 year old midfield hero David Beckham is Located in Holland Park in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Though it was purchased in 2013 for approximately £35, the Beckham family moved in to the luxurious townhouse in 2016 immediately after an £8m round of renovations and improvements.

Having been out of the athletic game for some time, Beckham has been very active at home in the family game. Since David and Victoria (who have just celebrated their 20th anniversary) have 4 beautiful children, space was the most important factor for the family when it came to design choices. As a result, the house has 6 full size bedrooms and a triple garage which blends modern and classic design with ease, as well as providing ample space for the impressive family. 


Acclaimed designer Rose Uniacke has seemingly done the impossible with this house; not only is it a serious inspiration to high-brow critics, but it also somehow conceals a 2 acre apple orchard in the heart of a congested and crowded London.

Charity Work

Though these two prodigies certainly aren’t afraid to spend money on themselves, they also do a lot of noble work in the field of charity. The Wayne Rooney Foundation and The Victoria and David Beckham Children’s Charity both focus on bettering and supporting young adults and children around the world, which shows us that the player’s hearts are as golden as their shiny track records and trophies.