We’re head over heels crazy over hockey. And when you get together with people who love hockey as much as we do, like the team at Hockey Pursuits does, everything from hockey helmets to hockey skills is exciting to talk about. But have you ever thought about comparing hockey to another one of the greatest sports in the world?

Two of the greatest sports around, hockey and baseball might not seem like they could have much in common, but in fact they have more in common than you might imagine. From team culture and sportsmanship to competitiveness and rivalry, the two sports share many qualities.

Team Culture

Team culture is not about how many players are on the ice or on a field at a time. It is about the atmosphere that is built among the players of the same team.

In both hockey and baseball, team culture is founded on championship. This is an environment where the emphasis is not just on the results of a game, but on the relationships within the team. This type of culture promotes positivity and friendship among players in order for them to work more effectively together when it comes to game time.

This is not the same as a cut-throat or a comfortable culture, both of which have an imbalanced focus. Teamwork in both hockey and baseball are essential for success within the sport. With too much cut-throat, there will be no teamwork, while when there is no competitiveness; players can be too comfortable to be effective.

Competitiveness and Rivalry

Baseball and hockey are all about teamwork. In hockey, you need to know your teammates are nearby and open to pass to. In baseball, you have to know what your teammates are likely to do. Since both are based within positions, there is going to be less rivalry within the team itself. After all, once you have mastered your position, you would not want to be moved and wind up less effective in a game.

Both are also competitive sports. There is a lot of fast movement, be it running or skating as well as a good chance of running into someone at some point. You have to be fearless in both sports. Be prepared to hit or be hit, because contact is inevitable.

Safety Gear

Because both baseball and hockey are contact sports, safety gear is important in both. One of the biggest similarities here is helmets. While not every baseball player wears a helmet and players do not wear them the entire game, helmets exist in baseball for the same reason they exist in hockey: head protection.

Helmets are used as protection against concussions. In hockey, your head could get hit against the ice, wall, or even by a stick, where in baseball, you could get hit in the head with a ball. Helmets may not be able to prevent all head injuries, but they will absorb some of the impact and lessen the extent of the injury.

When it comes down to it, both hockey and baseball are team sports with a supportive team culture that is not just focused on winning, but also works toward building trust and positive relationships among teammates. Once that foundation is created, the competitive spirit within both games can be harnessed by the team rather than an individual. Competition does mean that injury is a possibility, which is why proper safety gear in both sports is also important. Regardless, both of these amazing sports are built on a foundation of trust, teamwork, and a lot of hard work.