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Author: Yvonne Hew

Cleveland Browns’ Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson Jr. Are a Rushing Threat

The Cleveland Browns offense is something of a project, despite all the talent that’s available. The team is capable of winning games, but just need to make a few adjustments. We need to look beyond the receiving corp to the running backs, where Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson Jr. are a rushing threat. Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson Jr. Are A Rushing Threat A quick note. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor avoids throwing downfield, which means the wide receiver corp that was constructed on the run-free-and-deep concept isn’t fully utilized. Add in a second-year tight end who’s drops too many balls, a rookie...

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Possible Kickers for the Cleveland Browns

Amongst anger and frustration over the Cleveland Browns‘ loss to the New Orleans Saints, there was a name other than Zane Gonzalez being uttered. Dan Bailey. But the free agent kicker is holding out for the right team, so the Browns should be open-minded about possible kickers to replace Gonzalez after he missed two field goals and two conversions. Formerly with the Dallas Cowboys, Bailey once had a career success rate on his kicks of 88.2 percent, but according to Michael Sisemore of Blogging The Boys, that figure has since dropped dramatically. Dan Bailey’s FG% dropped from 93.8% in 2015 (best...

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Five Cleveland Browns Players Expected to Shine

As we head into the 2018 regular season, we can be sure that the Cleveland Browns are no longer short on talent. This is undoubtedly a stronger roster than the franchise has ever had in the Hue Jackson era. We can be fairly certain that the team will generally perform better than their predecessors. Myles Garrett – Defensive End The only problem with Myles Garrett? We haven’t seen enough of him yet. In his rookie season, injuries caused him to miss five entire games and sit out portions of others. However, despite the defensive end position being difficult to...

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