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Author: Giovanni Militano

Week Six Oakland Raiders Takeaways

Oakland has looked like a completely different team the last few weeks. After starting the season 2-0, the Oakland Raiders dropped three games in a row. In order for the Raiders season to have stayed on a track, a win against the Los Angeles Chargers in Oakland is a must. A win against Los Angeles would have given them a win within the division, and a chance to make the playoffs. A loss will likely put an end to the Raiders hopes of making the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Chargers were able to defeat the Oakland Raiders 17-16,...

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Week Five Oakland Raiders Keys To Victory

After a disappointing loss to the Denver Broncos, the Oakland Raiders now fall to 2-2. Oakland started the season off strong, but after two abysmal performances in a row, the Raiders don’t seem to be the team everyone thought they would be. With Derek Carr now stuck on the sideline for two to six weeks, this season can quickly spiral out of control. Oakland has a chance to redeem themselves with a strong showing against the Baltimore Ravens. Here are the week five Oakland Raiders keys to victory. Week Five Oakland Raiders Keys To Victory Establish A Running Game...

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