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Author: Dave Nash

The Merits of Motorcycles as a Racing Vehicle

By: Dave Nash | May 20, 2019 Despite their benefits, motorcycles and their users often have to contend with a somewhat unsavoury reputation. This can be especially true when it comes to racing them for sport, but it wouldn’t have to be the case if their main advantages were spoken of more than their drawbacks in mainstream circles. The motorcycle is in fact one of the most interesting and unique vehicles ever invented, in some ways that are obvious and others that may surprise you. Here are three basic facts everyone should be aware of before making a definitive...

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Top Most Unbelievable Records In The Football World

By: Dave Nash | May 8, 2019 World football has witnessed many incredible records that are almost impossible to be broken in the future. Some of them I am sure you have never heard, read this article to know something interesting about football now. The most scoring goalkeeper The position of the goalkeeper is considered almost impossible to score but sometimes there are some exceptions. 131 goals may be a relatively normal number for a striker but if it is performed by a goalkeeper, this is an impressive record. The person currently holding this record is Rogerio Ceni goalkeeper...

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