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Author: Chuck M.

Kyrie Irving leading all guards in All Star votes

By: Chuck M. | January 18, 2019 With fan voting nearly complete (Jan 21), it appears Giannis will hold off Kyrie for the top spot in the East. It’s a combination of fans (50%), players (25%) and media (25%.) who select the ten starters. The coaches select the 12 reserves. The captains (I assume its the top vote-getter from each conference) will select their teams during a televised draft on TNT. Got all that? I doubt Tatum makes the cut as a reserve. The West’s popularity really shows through in the voting. The West has 12 players with more...

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Locked on Celtics: Kyrie's leadership & Smart's defense

By: Chuck M. | January 18, 2019 Red’s Army co-founder and current MassLive beat writer John Karalis , along with The Athletic’s Jay King, have much more on Kyrie Irving’s quest to become a good leader & his call to LeBron. Both were in the locker room and have the perspective of someone who witnessed what happened, as opposed to Charles Barkley reacting to clips. Plus leftover thoughts about Toronto, including Marcus Smart’s amazing clutch defense. Here’s the show. Kyrie Irving, Marcus Smart, Celtics, Red’s Army, Red’s Army News, Red’s Army Podcast View the full post at Red's Army:...

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Aron Baynes is back, baby!!

By: Chuck M. | January 16, 2019 Kyrie Irving, Marcus Smart, AND Aron Baynes all expected to return for the #Celtics tonight against the #Raptors, according to the team. Big. — Adam Kaufman (@AdamMKaufman) January 16, 2019 Very happy to hear the Celtics brick wall will be on the floor for tonight’s showdown with Toronto. The Celtics sit 7 games behind the East’s top seed. And while I’m not expecting the Cs to eventually leap the Raptors in the standings, a victory tonight could go a long way in galvanizing the team, fans, etc. FYI: Adam Kaufman and I...

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Recap: Brooklyn blowout might be rock bottom for Celtics

By: Chuck M. | January 14, 2019 In a nutshell I’ve wondered lately when I would reach my breaking point with this team. Turns out, it’s January 14th. The Nets rode a 44-point 3rd quarter to a 109-102 victory tonight over the listless, punchless, sackless Boston Celtics. I don’t care that Kyrie Irving (sore leg, waah) and Marcus Smart (illness) were in street clothes. This Celtics team shouldn’t be trailing by 27 points to the Nets. Double back. Scratch that. I’m done thinking this Celtics team is better than most teams because they’re not. And while Danny Ainge is...

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Kyrie vows never to question his teammates in public again (I think)

By: Chuck M. | January 14, 2019 “Sometimes I may come off and say things, never to question my teammates in public like that ever again. It’s uh… I just want to win so bad.” — Chris Grenham (@chrisgrenham) January 14, 2019 When you win, you want to taste it again. I never want to come from a place where I’m not talking about championships. And sometimes I may come off and say things… (I) never to question my teammates in public like that again… I just want to win so bad. I came from a place where...

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Your Morning Dump… Where Kyrie Irving says HE needs to be a better leader

By: Chuck M. | January 14, 2019 Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. “Experience,” he answered when he was asked what this team was missing. “It’s the best thing I can say is experience. We’re lacking it, and because of that we have a lot of learning to do. So we have a lot of ground to make up in that aspect.” “We had nothing to lose last year,” he said. “We had nothing to lose and...

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