Was a star at Lille


The first reason is that well; he was a star last season. After a successful year, Pepe put himself on the radar with an incredible display in the French league with Lille coming 2nd to big-spenders Paris Saint-Germain. This has brought around a lot of interest in the winger, which has been well received by Lille who have cashed in on the financial bonus from this deal.


He performed expertly in the big games and showed a number of neat skills. His ability to be fluent in French will help him massively gel in a squad that has many French speakers. Unai Emery will be hoping he settles in quickly, which it’s looking like he will. He’s the type of player that will sell Arsenal tickets. He had been a favorite ever since and many teams were looking for opportunities to hire him, I will not be amazed if someone will tell me that  the coaches and management pf a number of teams has decided to give way to such a champion. Because this is how it goes, you do not have to be a very wise analyzer if you want to understand this treatment. It is only because of his achievements and struggle.


He’ll be playing with a world-class strike force


The winger will be playing with a world-class strike force. He won’t have to do everything by himself which is a massive bonus for the Gunners. Having Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette up front will give the ex-Angers man superb support to keep scoring goals and getting assists. Pepe can play either behind the front man or on the wing making him a perfect attacker to be utilised across the forward line.


You can never estimate the power of a football player who has practiced his strike rate, there are various reasons for this. Many skilled players tend to keep your strike rate quite low and they are vey sure that when they will strike they will score a goal.


Usually it is just a risk, he has not taken this risk and tried to avail every opportunity for gaining a score. He did not wait for the right opportunity he created his own way, I do not think anyone can stop a player who has got this much will power.


Mkhitaryan replacement


It’s fair to say the Armenian hasn’t quite lit up the Emirates during his time at the Gunners. Signing from Manchester United, the attacking midfielder come winger hasn’t been the most successful Arsenal player. He has had his moments, but compared to Alexis Sanchez who was part of the deal, he has not been good enough.


Pepe coming in can replace his goals, and then add to it. Same with assists. Mkhitaryan has not quite been the player he once was for Borussia Dortmund and Pepe is a massive step up for this Arsenal side. Woth his new playing strategies he is a new and significant addition to the team. He has been admired for his potential by the team members and this is what has boosted up his morals.


Exciting manager


He’ll be playing under a manager that wants his players to play with a sense of freedom whilst at the same time is looking to take Arsenal back to the good old days. After the depressing 4-1 defeat in the Europa League final, Emery and Arsenal decided to break the bank in the summer and in spending that much on one player shows a signal of intent of how things are going to be from now on at the Emirates. Pepe will be hoping to impress him as he has a number of challenges in terms of Arsenal youngsters with Reiss Nelson and Joe Willock breaking through who can push Pepe to the limit, and perform better.


Behind his success there is his manager and coach who trained him as he wanted to be trained. He wanted to increase his strike rate which he did and the entire faculty helped him to do this. No one ever doubted his plan, this sense of trust is the main key for the success.


Inspire rest of team (club-record signing)


As a player if a club-record signing doesn’t inspire you than nothing will. It was a huge transfer in terms of the club and the recent past and it should show the rest of the team what Arsenal are trying to do.


When he joined many people were assuming that he will leave soon  but that did not happen because the team decided for the chance and they gave him time to prove himself for the team, usually a new addition takes time for adjustment but in this case he just wanted 5o prove others wrong, while making his identity.


After his addition many new players also felt the same potential, many wanted to play, his leadership qualities are not the ordinary ones. You can feel then when he is on the field. The fellow players has experienced this powerful change and gradually things are changing for their strength.


Signing Pepe will in the future, attract better players due to the club showing their ambition. It’s a massive transfer not just for the football club and getting Champions League football but for the players’ mentality and understanding what they’re trying to achieve.


You can never doubt such a player, his success was eminent because no one can ever beat a man of determination, such people have got the potential of changing the entire game within seconds. Secondly, new players are sometimes unpredictable and you can not help but take the risk of tackling them, the opponents can never decide the next move and this is what they exploited for winning. I think a lot of people knew but most of them thought that he will not be in his full bloom and the new team will not let him perform as freely as he wanted.