The Patriots, under Bill Belichick, have been one of the smartest teams in football, and they rarely commit mental mistakes or take costly penalties to make things easier on their opponents.

But they did that during Thursday night’s game against the Bucs, and Belichick went nuts on the sideline afterwards.

On the final play of the first half, the Patriots were called for a roughing the passer penalty due to a late hit on Jameis Winston. The Bucs then tried a Hail Mary pass, which fell incomplete, but the Patriots were once again flagged for roughing the passer, keeping the drive alive.

And Belichick was furious about it on the sideline afterwards. Check out his reaction.

Nick Folk was then given the opportunity to attempt a 56-yard field goal, which he missed, so the penalties didn’t negatively affect the Patriots. They did, however, have an impact on Twitter, where users had some fun with Belichick’s priceless reaction.

An improbable sequence of events led to a near-meltdown by Belichick. That was fun.