Falcons defensive end Takkarist McKinley lost something on the football field during Sunday’s game against the Lions at Ford Field, and if he wants to pony up enough cash, he can buy it back.

One of McKinley’s dreadlocks must have either fallen out or been pulled out on Sunday, because it’s currently up for sale on eBay. McKinley got word of it, and it seemed to amuse him.

The eBay user who put the dreadlock up for bid claims to work at Ford Field, and we’re inclined to believe him. As a bonus, he stated that he’ll throw in Brooks Reed’s mouthguard, which he also found on the field.

If interested, you can head over to eBay and bid on the dreadlock. The current price has already exceeded $1,000, so be prepared to fork over some serious cash.

Will McKinley be able to recover his lost dreadlock? We’ll soon find out.