Are you looking for Best Instagram Marketing tips to grow fast on Instagram then you are in the right place? In this article, I will share with you step b step all tips that can help you grow on Instagram from zero to hero. 

1- Create a Sports Account:

If you are playing in any Club or if you are a member of any sports team then, first of all, create an Instagram account and add all the details about yourself. Create a Killing bio, Add Your Sports team name or club name where you are playing, your location and your website link if you have any. Once you are done with creating an account then let’s move to the next step. 

2- Publish Quality Content and Videos:

After creating an account now publish quality content in order to grow fast on Instagram and get more organic reach. You might be heard about “Content is King” yes that is right. Content is always kind, the more quality content you create the faster and easier you grow on Instagram. You can add your photos of playing in ground, stadium pictures, your team member’s pictures, your coaches photos, and short playing videos in the ground to get more Instagram likes and more followers fast.

3- Use Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtags are playing a very important role in Instagram Marketing strategy. If you want to grow fast on Instagram then use relevant hashtags in your posts. Because on Instagram peoples use hashtags to find relevant hashtags so if you use any hashtag in your post whenever someone searches that particular hashtag so your post will appear. This is a great way to get more organic reach on Instagram. 

4- Listen to the Analytics:

For the successful sports team marketing, it is very helpful to listen and analyze the analytics of your account. You can take the help from the Iconosquare which is a free resource that will let you know that which is the best times for posting, filter impact and what are the best hashtags that give you higher engagement rates.

5- Capitalize on User-Generated Content:

As a sportsman spirit, it is very effective when you work on user-generated content. User-generated content when appreciated also boost up the engagement rates and also increase in the number of followers. By displaying the user-generated content on your website, you can also showcase your community and account. When any of your fans post a picture of him with the player of your team then don’t forget to post it on your sports team Instagram account. When these types of posts will be shared then ultimately it will accelerate your account growth.

6- Instagram Live:

You can use the option of Instagram live so that your sports team got more exposure. For example, if your sports team is a particular cricket team, then you can start Instagram Live on Instagram. This is the best time where cricket lovers start watching a live cricket match. The cricket fans who are not watching TV due to some reasons, then they will start watching you at Instagram live. Instagram live is a great way to engage your followers towards your profile. Also, you will be more popular by conducting Instagram live videos.

7- Use Instagram Marketing Tool:

Being an Athlete you don’t have too much time to handle your social media marketing. If you hire a Social Media Marketing expert it will cost you too much. Then you can use some trusted Instagram marketing tools to grow fast on Instagram and as well as other social media platforms. Likegrowers is the best Instagram auto liker that can help you grow fast on Instagram and gain more organic reach in your niche. Iconosquare is another amazing tool that will help you manage and analyze your follower’s growth. Similarly, you can use Instasize for creating beautiful and high-quality images for your social media campaigns. 

8- Use the Right Motifs:

Instagram is the perfect place to use photos as social media material. You can post the photos of best scenes from games, the birthday of your players, pictures of the new players, pics of celebrations, event photos, action photos, announcements pictures, pictures of the players during traveling and much more. By sharing all these things, your account will be famous undoubtedly. You can also post the images in the form of college.

9- Examples of Instagram Sports Teams:

There are plenty of Instagram sports teams from which you can take help for your sports club marketing. How they are putting efforts to become their accounts successful and presentable in front of the whole world.

Real Madrid is a Spanish football or soccer club that has more than 30 million followers on Instagram. Their feed shows you how they are popular on Instagram with a big amount of followers.

Los Angeles Lakers are the basketball club that also has the following of 2.6 billion. They share the images of the players outside the basketball court and also post astonishing images of celebrations.

Boston Celtis, Greatest Highlights and Best Celebrations are also the most dedicated, successful and astonishing sports teams from whom you can take the motivation.

10- Useful Plugins for Instagram Marketing:

The plugins are also doing the same thing as the Instagram tools; they are helping you out in making your account more successful on Instagram.

Instagram Feed:

Instagram Feed helps you in showing the responsive feeds from different Instagram accounts.

Instagram Slider Widget:

It is the slider widget that helps you out in displaying the last 24 images from your Instagram account that are searched in several different ways.

11- Follow and like Relevant Account:

Approach others instead of just waiting for people to come to you. So you have to follow the people and another relevant account. Do some research in searching for people who are sports lovers and start following them; definitely, they will also follow you back. Also, follow the popular Instagram sports teams’ account. Liking and following the relevant account as a sports team will help you a lot and your follower’s count will boost up. Don’t forget to like some pictures of the relevant accounts and then there is 100% chance that these accounts will follow you back.


Instagram is an amazing platform for sports marketing. This is the best way that you can show your talent and skills to your audience and grow fast in the Internet world. These above tips will help you grow fast on Instagram. If you have any question regarding Instagram Marketing then leave a comment below.