Just when you thought hybrids are only for science and technology, being a sports fanatic brought you here and discover that your favorite teams in sports have hybrid logos on tees. Few fans have seen these combined logos on the web and others have worn them already. Interestingly, I would share with you my lists of websites on where to find them.

The Philadelphia sports teams have been the talk of the town for years now. On December 2018, Metro USA wrote an article about their sports team ranking. Because of the improbable win of Eagles, spectators expected, they are on the top of the ranking. But 76ers or Sixers have stolen the spotlight, and became the best team in the city in 2018.

76ers won 52 games last season, and won a playoff. Almost a repeated performance, they made it to the playoff again this season, an article on Forbes even emphasized that they were not ready to give the crown to Raptors yet. Along their way to playoff, inevitable occurrences of injuries have encountered by some of their starting line-up. Still, they managed to get back and play for playoff.

Considering these improvements, 76ers deserves in the top rank. I thought they will appear as the most improved team in 2018, but surprisingly Phillies have hit the home run after numerous strike attempts. This news is as good as winning for Phillies fans. The excitement continues to intensify when their new manager, Gabe Kapler stepped in and everything seems to change. I believe this is the highlight of the ranking.

With that being said, fans also improved and elevated their approach of showing supports on their teams. Hats, caps, t-shirts and other items are being customized with their combined logos. Phillies t-shirts, with a twist of combining other team’s logos, are the fans best-loved customized tees.

If your curiosity has been triggered, I will give you my top lists online store where you can customize your team’s logo because you have the patience of reading this article.

T shirt

Where to buy a Phillies custom apparel and accessories?

  1. Customon

This online store has been operating in the print-on-demand industry for 7 years. Surely, you can trust their products and services. I could not agree more when their About Page content conveyed they are the leading manufacturer of custom products. I personally recommend them because: First, they have a clean and approachable website. In this fast pace generation, when everyone appears to be a busy buzz, we need this kind of website. All you need to do is sit down, choose your teams sports wear and click checkout.

Secondly, Customon has a design tools. You can upload your team’s logo and they will print it. My friend bought a customized 76ers, Phillies, Flyers, and Eagles combined logos design baseball hat last month. He bought a black Phillies shirt. And it really looks great.

Thirdly, their custom Phillies t-shirts are made with high-quality fabrics and you can buy in an affordable price. They must have been the cheapest to offer a custom product in excellent product quality.

Moreover, they provide a variety of styles and designs. These are the ready-made designs; they offer:

However, if you choose to upload your own logo, you may do so. Free shipping applies to more than one order. Lastly, rewards and discounts are everywhere, in fact on their homepage, you can spin a wheel and get up to 40% discount.

  1. Logosportswear

Customon and Logosportswear have a lot in common.  Logosportswear has been in the industry for more than a decade and they claim to be one of the custom industry experts. Like Customon, this online store has a straightforward software interface. Their website is easy to navigate. Their blank t-shirts are mostly branded. Prepare to be astonished with their brand partners:

  • Nike
  • Underarmour
  • Adidas
  • Columbia
  • Patagonia
  • Champion
  • Eddie Baver

On their shop page, detailed steps about the sizes, colors, and printed prices are available. They provide insights about the product. You get to choose whether you print your Phillies thru digital printing, screen printing, embroidered or you will buy the t-shirt blank.

In addition, their design tool is easy to use and almost comprehensive. You can upload your Phillie and Eagles hybrid logo. They offer free shipping with $99 and up orders.

  1. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt.com is one of my favorite custom online stores because, like the first two, they have a neat and tidy looking website that is extremely easy to navigate.

They also offer custom products and accessories. Established in 2002, Spreadshirts has expanded their territory from Europe to North America. When talking about stability, their company should be mentioned.

At Spreadshirt, you will also able to create and design your own Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and 76ers logos. You can upload your team logo by simply using their design tools. You should try their blue Phillies shirt; the color will fit to the team’s logo.

However, they do not offer free shipping and as you increase your item’s quantity, shipping fee also increases.

These online stores that I have listed have a lower price tags; however, if your budget dictates, you can order authentic Phillies items online.

Philies Logo T Shirts

Where to buy authentic Phillies logo t-shirts without the hybrids?


This website is the official online store of Major League Baseball. Fans are given the chance to personalize their jerseys, mugs and other items.

  1. Majestic Athletic

This website is the home of sportswear. Their selections, which has all the major sports league logos, are well-rounded that even college leagues have their own spot. They sell Phillies t-shirts and other types of apparel.

  1. Dick’s Sporting Good

They sell Philadelphia apparels and gears. You can shop jersey, women and men Phillies tank tops and shirts, youth Phillies apparel and more. They offer items with the official logo of Major League of Baseball.

What is good about their website is they have a “customize page” where you can enter your name.

Whichever is your favorite Philadelphia sports team, the bottom line is options and choices are all around the corner, especially with the help of the world wide web.

After reading this blog, you may agree to disagree, or simply agree with my lists. You can start ransacking their websites now to get the best value for your money and enjoy your life as a sports fan.