In 1966 vicso-elastic memory was invented in favor of NASA for use in the airplane seats which was to help deal with the effects of gravitation when cosmonaut was taking off or landing on earth.

Memory foam proved to be of high quality. Mattress manufacturers started using it to make mattresses and pillows due to its high density and ability to absorb energy.

Not only that, irrespective of your sleeping position, memory foam mattresses will come in handy in giving you a restful sleep due to the support they offer to your body. However, Free Your Spine advices on having the right pillow, too, to suit any sleeping position.

Alleviate and Prevents Pain

Arand, who works at Kettering Sleep Disorders Center (Dayton, Ohio) as a clinical director, says, “When you lie on the memory foam, the heat from your body softens it in appropriate points. So this helps to support your body along the curves and natural lines of the body.” How is this essential? Your body gets enough support thus alleviating and preventing spinal pains.

Again, this memory foam helps to distribute your body mass on the mattress. As a result, you relieve the pain on your joints especially if you have arthritis, back issues, and stiff neck. This makes your nights restful thus improving your overall health.  

Eradicates Motion

Sharing a bed with someone can be annoying at times especially if they keep moving at night. While you may want them to stay calm on the bed, sometimes it is inevitable especially if they are nursing.

An excellent way to help both of you is having a memory foam mattress. Why? Whoever needs to make any movement will still do so without disturbing the other. Arand has something to say concerning motion regarding these mattresses. Here’s what she says, “Without the coiled springs, you feel your sleep partner’s movement less, and that might help, too.”

So, if you need a restful sleep, buy a memory foam mattress.

Lessens Dust Mite

If you have had continued allergies even after (or before) medication, most probably dust mite may have taken some residence in your mattress. The memory foam mattresses reduce (prevents) dust mites problem because they are dense as well as unfavorable for mites to inhabits.

Though you may not entirely prevent dust mite, you can lessen them using a memory foam mattress. Eventually, you get to enjoy an adequate restful sleep.


The estimated life span of a dust foam mattresses is seven years. Well, how many mattresses can last that long? You and I can affirm they are few, right? This is why many people praise the memory foam mattresses due to their unbeatable durability. While you may wonder how durability will affect your sleep, you need to know that a worn out mattress will disrupt your sleep.

However, if your mattress is of good quality, you will enjoy a restful night for many years which eventually increases your life span. Rest is health, and anyone should strive to have it.


Do you suffer from allergies because of using mattresses made of fiber, feathers, or wool? Here comes a permanent solution: memory foam mattress. The material used to manufacture this mattresses eradicates allergies which disrupt your sleep. Even mold cannot help but keep off because of the density of the mattress.

Again, if you are sensitive to smells like me, sleeping may be a night mare if your mattress is stinking. The solution would be to purchase mattresses with memory foam.

The results are a sound and restful night, every day as long as this mattress is in your bedroom.

The Parting Point

Having a restful night comes with long term advantages to you. You get to enjoy happy and productive days. This may not be possible if you struggle every night because of allergy, joint pains, and motions by your partner and the like. While it may look like usual, you need to get away from these problems sooner than you think.

And no, I don’t mean you go looking for a doctor; purchase a memory foam mattress to enjoy restful nights.