Talk of the scenic beaches in the world and you will always think of Thailand! However, not every traveler loves to sprawl on the sun. Not everyone has a fascination with the sand and the waves. Many are waiting to tap into their adrenaline rush and dabble on adventure sports. Most people often start with Chiang Mai located in northern Thailand. Here you can experience the best whitewater rafting and can float down the winding rivers. But that is not all. There’s more to explore in Thailand. If you want to have a sports travel experience in Thailand, you select some of the favorite sports activities. Discussed below are three popular options:


  1. Skydiving

Most people consider skydiving as a scary experience! But for the adventure seekers, this could be nothing short of an adrenaline rush bliss. Since Thailand’s weather is pleasant all around the year, you can opt-in this sport every day. Go ahead and start your day with a jumpmaster and enjoy a lifetime of a thrill.

  1. Horse racing

Not many people are aware, but Thailand is also one of the famous places for horse racing. The sport came into existence in Thailand in the late 19th century, and it takes place at multiple locations all over the world. During the mid-twentieth century, this sport became very popular and famous. However, there had been a decline for a while. But today, this sports form is reviving. With many travelers taking an interest in horse racing in Thailand, the sport today is a well-known point of networking for the elite section of the society. You will find many horse owners here.


Thailand today welcomes its travelers with almost eight popular race courses that are still in function today. And two of these race courses are in Bangkok. You will find some of the famous racecourses in Udon Thani, Rot Et, Khon Kaen and in some of the Chiang Mai provinces. As you travel through the race courses, you might get reminded of the race tracks that you’ve seen in TVG.


  1. Sea Kayaking

Thailand’s scenic beauty and wildlife are overwhelming! Most sports lovers and travelers would want to preserve the same. And yes, you can also have a lot of fun while doing that. There are ways and means by which you can enjoy some of the best sea kayaking experience in Thailand. There are favorite companies who help in organizing sea kayaking adventure in Tarutao, Trang and Khao Sok. On your tour, you will come across other knowledgeable sports enthusiasts who are willing to help you out with your kayaking adventure. Usually, these tours range from a couple of hours to almost six days. Sometimes, the duration can extend as well. If you want to opt-in for this, it’s a smart call to make your arrangements from beforehand to avoid any last minute hassles.

These are the three favorite sports activities that you can experience in Thailand! There are many more choices as well. You can either select all three at once or choose to experience one at a time. These sports tours help you unwind and also connect with sports lovers as well.