Our world is moving incredibly fast and it’s quite common for some big game to develop at the same time as a big family event, when you’re at work or you’re out having dinner with your friends. Does this means that it’s going to be impossible from now on to sit down and watch your favorite team playing the highly anticipated game? Hell, no!

If you don’t know it by now, you’re only few clicks away from watching a big game. It’s the “annoying” mobile friends that come to the rescue once again and give you the chance to watch your beloved players once again.If you want to earn money from sports than click here.

Let’s cut to the chase, though! Here’s our top 5 of sports apps that you can install on your smartphone as we speak.For earnling online through games scr888now.com is the best.

  1. ESPN

ESPN is the official sports app for the American Sports media associations- the Entertainment and Sports Programming Networks (they’re very popular among the sports fanatics).

In case you didn’t know, the transmission of sporting events by ESPN isn’t limited to the USA and it’s actually available all over the world. Thanks to this app, sports fans are able to access up-to-minute news, scores, live-streamed games from all the important sports leagues (soccer, football, sports, golf, baseball, basketball and more). In addition, the fans have access to video records of program channels and podcasts.

You may easily customize the app by selecting your favorite teams, leagues and the app is going to save everything that is new about them in a different tab. The app includes various setting alerts for the breaking news and news of the selected leagues. You can also select the region so that the app is only going to send content adjusted to your country of residence.

Even if there are many ads and the app opens rather slow, it still covers a lot of sports, displays many information and it’s highly customizable. It includes video highlights, which is why it’s such a popular app.

  1. The Score

Owned by a Canadian digital media company, the Score app is one of the best options to use on iPhone. The Score also gives Apple Watch and you can find it for Android too. Taking a closer look at its official description helps us find out that the app gives “real-time stats, scores, news about every team and all important sports. The app also sends alerts when a game is about to begin, when the score changes and so on.

You may set up specific notifications on most important sports: hockey, baseball, football, golf, tennis, soccer, mixed martial arts, lacrosse and racing. The app stands out with the Mute Notification feature which is going to mute alerts for a single game, but only temporarily.

You may group the alerts, upgrade the leagues and scores order. You can also add your beloved team’s whole schedule to your phone’s calendar, setting the time for auto-refresh scores, going from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

The app does lack standing or leagues tables and you don’t have the option for eliminating in-app ads, but it does come with customizable notifications and interface. It has a simple and user-friendly design and many are going to dig it.

  1. CBS Sports

The CBS Sports app is going to give you real-time scores, news and stats. Once you open the app for the first time, you’re going to be able to log in with your Google or Facebook account. You can add the teams you like later on so that you may have fast and easy access to their news, schedules and scores. The app is also capable to identify your local teams as it uses the location services. It works fast and you may have a look at your favorite team climbing up/down the leaderboard.

When using this app, you’re going to receive announcements on the most amazing stories in sports and even listen to some podcasts and radio. it includes the TV schedule so you only need to choose the TV provider, using the current location or entering the ZIP code. You may also customize alerts behavior (light, vibration, sound). It’s up to you to set notifications on a game start/end, overtime set scores layout (complete or abbreviated).

Some don’t like this app is it’s focused mainly on US sports. It also comes with many pop up ads, but it’s a free app to download and use and you have impressively long list of sports to choose from.

  1. Yahoo! Sports

This one may be one of the most popular sports app out there and many sports fanatic are already using it. The app operates on geolocation so that it offers the passionate fans the most attractive and customized sports news. It also provides real-time coverage for the international leagues and various competitions (tennis, racing, tennis, golf, top soccer leagues- from Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, UK soccer).

You may very well customize the app by selecting your favorite teams, players and leagues so that you’re never too far from them.

The Yahoo!Sports app comes with text alerts, customizable screen orientation change, two themes (light and dark) and breaking news alerts.

The app isn’t perfect as it has no portrait mode and it’s lacking the interface. It does miss some sports as well, but you can follow events in real-time and choose from many sports. The customization options aren’t bad at all which makes the app one of the most loved ones among the sports fanatics.

  1. BBC Sport

This app is great for coverage and sports news. Even if it’s rather focused on sports from the Foggy Albion (Formula 1, cricket, rugby, football and golf), the app does provide some information with links to various resources. This way, you’re going to stay in touch with everything, arching and rowing including.

The best part about this app? It’s BBC so we don’t need additional information. The app provides impressive amount of information about the sporting world, video and interviews as well.

You may set various notifications on your customized sports news and reminders for different events, helping you not to miss any upcoming live events.

The app is a bit basic and you cannot customize the list of top sports nor get info about the minority sports. However, you can get plenty of info and live scores for sports and one can only hope it’s going to get better.