People have their own theories when it comes to online slots and how they work. And maybe you just like playing slots without having an idea as to how they operate in the background. Whatever the case is, we are here to give you all the information about the inner workings of online slot machines.


Random Number Generator

The main thing to know about online slot machines is that they have a built in computer component called the Random Number Generator or RNG, through which the machines generates random numbers or sequences the entire time. And keep in mind that it is always a new number whenever you do a new spin or press a button. All types of casinos and not just online online work on the basis of a Random Number Generator that basically determine the pay out. And the spins you do before have nothing to do with the random number generator.


How does the Random Number Generator work?

It is imperative to understand that the slot machines like shoot fish online, deal or no deal, thunderstruck etc. don’t have built in memories. This means that the slot machines have no idea whether or not you just hit a jack pot, or whether you have been trying on the machine for hours.

Your jackpot literally lies in the hands of math equations that will determine your fate. When it comes to online slot machines, the RNG works at the rate of thousands per second. The only thing you can control here is when you click your mouse. And for this you just have to follow your gut.

When you are playing a three-reel slot game for example, you will get a different number through RNG from EACH reel. And the the numbers together will decide whether you got a jack pot or not.


Video slots

Pay lines between 50 to 100 work with video slots, and at the press of a button you will be drawn five random numbers by the program. These reel numbers stop being dependent on the numbers that have been assigned by the RNG. And this is how the program calculates the mathematical equation whether you are supposed to win or lose.


Is the Random Number Generator fair?

Your misconceptions about random number generator will have cleared by now, if you had any. And now you will understand that each spin is independent of one another making it a very fair and secure game. These RNGs are usually certified by professional authorities like the Technical Systems Testing that guarantee whether they are fair or not so that you can play on the slot machines with a piece of mind.

After reading this article, you will probably realize that you cannot hit two jackpots consecutively and that you should not waste your money in trying to do so. You will also understand that no slot machine is hotter or colder than they other because it is all completely random.