New Vancouver Canucks goalie Anders Nilsson has already won Twitter by giving his son the best birthday present ever — dressing up as Spider-Man.

The Vancouver Canucks signed former Buffalo Sabres backup Anders Nilsson to a two-year deal worth $5 million on Canada Day. But Nilsson will bring more than just solid goaltending to the team, if his recent Instagram post is an indication of anything.

Vancouver has looked for a high character player since trading away Eddie Lack two seasons ago. Perhaps Nilsson (or shall we call him Peter Parker), is ready to assume the role as this team’s most fun-and-games player:

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Yeah, Nilsson dressed up as beloved comic book hero Spider-Man for his son’s second birthday.

It seems as though all those years of learning how to have quick reflexes to make saves has paid off for Nilsson.

Not just so he could be a goalie in the NHL, of course. But also to help his son have one of the best birthdays ever.

Unfortunately for Nilsson, Spider-Man: Homecoming was released earlier this month. Tom Holland did a tremendous job, so Nilsson is unlikely to to assume the role for the next Spider-Man film.

But that’s okay, because there’s nothing like making your son’s birthday the best thing possible. He may not quite be a Vezina Trophy candidate, but Nilsson could take home the Father of the Year award.

Here’s hoping Anders Nilsson’s quickness, mobility and agility will appear the same on the ice as it did for his son’s birthday. The Vancouver Canucks are counting on it.