Has there ever been a more exciting time for the NBA entering the last week of July?

The soap opera, which may have been leaked by LeBron James – according to Stephen A. Smith, was apparently old news for the brass of the Cavaliers. Of course this is very apropos that King James would be in the center of “KyrieGate” seeing that many consider Bron-Bron the one calling the shots in The Land anyway – not to mention James is no stranger to drama himself. But since Kyrie bombshell was dropped a couple of days ago, rumors have been swirling like crazy in regards to trade rumors. You can even wager on where he will end up on your favorite online sportsbook.

With that said, here are three of the most recent trade offers that appear to be on the table for the Cavaliers to take a look at. Keep in mind, these are just the headline names involved – no fillers or draft picks included.

Via Charlotte Observer:

3.) Kyrie Irving for Kemba Walker

No offense to Kemba Walker, but the basketball writer for the Charlotte Observer might have lost his mind when he posed the question “Would Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving be an upgrade over Charlotte Hornets point guard Kemba Walker?

There is an entire article of the pros and cons of each player with the first sentence literally posing the question of whether the Hornets should debate offering Walker in a trade for Irving.

Should the Charlotte Hornets make a trade offer for reportedly unhappy ClevelandCavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving?

If you can stomach reading the piece arguing that Kyrie is a “slightly” more creative scorer or Walker is the better defender, leader and not as high-maintenance, then feel free to click the link above. But for the majority of hoop junkies, this trade would require much more than just Kemba Walker – who is a legit player by the way. Kemba is just not on the same level as Kyrie and you won’t find much debate among NBAcircles with that statement.
Via NBA Insider, Sam Amico
2.) Kyrie Irving for De’Aaron Fox
This is an extremely interesting deal because of the potential De’Aaron Fox has – in addition to being 5-6 years younger than Irving. However, this deal only makes sense if the Cavaliers are ready to hit the reset button because LeBron James isn’t going to waste one of the last remaining valuable years he has left of his prime going through the growing pains of a rookie point guard.
However, this begs the question of whether this could be the start of a massive roster overhaul. There is no way any general manager or owner would ever trade LeBron James, right? But if there was one team that should understand the adage of those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, wouldn’t that be the Cavaliers? If ‘Bron isn’t going to commit now and Irving wants out, could the Cavs theoretically probably get Fox and a future first round pick back in a trade with the Kings?
Then, of course, you have to figure out the LeBron James situation. Sometimes the right decisions are not exactly the most popular decisions and the Cavs certainly don’t want to find themselves in the same situation they were in following the first time James left. There is probably a very good chance the Cavs could trade James a team of his choice – most would guess the Lakers, maybe the Spurs or even the Knicks now that Phil Jackson is gone. Kristaps Porzingis and next year’s number one pick for LeBron James? Don’t forget the Knicks could still sign Derrick Rose and they have a couple of trade chips in Willy Hermangomez and Frank Ntilikina and possibly another future first rounder and see if a nucleus of Melo, LeBron, Rose and a possible trade involving the aforementioned Ntilikina/Hermangomez + future first rounder for another piece and go for it all next season. There is always the potential buy out of Dwyane Wade as well.
Keep an eye on this deal…
1.) Kyrie Irving for Andrew Wiggins

Talk about crazy. Imagine if somehow Andrew Wiggins is traded back to his original team that drafted him just a few short years ago? In terms of raw talent, Wiggins would be the type of player the Cavaliers would need to help LeBron defend a player of Kevin Durant’s caliber. The Cavaliers would lose the natural scoring ability that Kyrie brings to the table, but a player like Derrick Rose could help make up for that loss. Plus, you can’t rule out a Dwyane Wade reunion in Cleveland – assuming the Bulls eventually buy out his contract.

On paper a lineup of Rose, Wade, Wiggins, LeBron, Love and Tristan Thompson isn’t a bad plan B. When you throw into the equation that Love and Thompson could be used as trade bait to upgrade a position, you could see how the Cavaliers could easily still come out of the Eastern Conference Finals and potentially more dangerous than ever before.

However, the question marks start with the perimeter shooting, the injury prone players such as Rose and Wade and meshing a team together that most likely would be broken up after one season.

Has there ever been a more exciting offseason this late in the summer as this year’s NBA Free Agency period?