Who doesn’t love hockey, right? You know I’m right.

The freezing temperatures in the arena, the cracking of the stick when it hits the puck…

The constant action, the fights, the beer, the yelling – the list goes on…

There is just so much excitement to be had at a hockey game, it makes it hard not to fall in love with the sport from the very first time you see the team skating across the ice so effortlessly.

Well, whether you are a hockey enthusiast or not, when it comes to shopping for a gift for someone who is, it can be a bit of a doozy trying to decide what they will love.

If you are looking for that perfect gift for the extreme hockey fan in your life, consider:

  1. A Copy of Sports Illustrated Hockey’s Greatest – Most people who love to watch sports also love to read about them. This magazine offers the hockey fan in your life access to some of the best information on some of the greatest players the game has ever seen.

  2. NHL League Logo the Goal Light Alarm Clock – Allow your favorite hockey fan to feel like they are right in the middle of the game every morning with this alarm clock. It looks just like the buzzer in the real-deal and will definitely ensure they don’t oversleep on game day.

  3. Carolina Hurricane Jersey – Nothing says, “I love hockey” more than showing up decked out in your team’s gear. A hockey jersey isn’t cheap, but it will make your favorite hockey fan feel as if they just earned their own spot on their favorite team.

  4. Hockey Puck Bottle Opener – Who says the beer drinking has to stop at the game? With the hockey puck bottle opener, hockey fans can continue to drink beer in style, or get in the mood for the game by cracking open a cold one using their very own hockey puck bottle opener.

  5. Wood Metal Hockey Wall Hook – For the hockey fan who is more on the stylish side, this hockey wall hook is great for hanging bags, jackets, or even extra hockey gear on the wall when not in use.

  6. Autographed Hockey Stick from a Carolina Hurricane Player – A great piece of memorabilia is probably one of the most valuable gifts you can give someone. Not only will they get their very own hockey stick for display, but by having it autographed it is made especially for them and has a true connection to their favorite team.

  7. NHL Board Game by Fastrack – With this realistic board game, true hockey fans can continue to enjoy the thrill of the game from their very own home. Maybe they will even invite you to play along and experience the true hockey thrill!

  8. Skate Sharpener – For the hockey fan who might actually play themselves – or just loves to skate like the pros – a skate sharpener is a true luxury to have in your house. This allows them to get their skates in tip top shape before they ever even head out to the rink.

  9. Keepsake Hockey Puck – A keepsake hockey puck could be autographed, but it could also just be a silver or a gold one instead of black. A keepsake hockey puck is designed for just what the name says it is for – to keep. It is a great gift for any hockey fan’s prized collection.

  10. Personalized Hockey Player Pillow – Make your hockey fan feel like they are part of the team with a personalized pillow! You can have it made in their favorite team’s colors, then add their favorite player’s number but list their name at the top of it. Just like that, they are now a pro!