Ravens have not had a perfect performance for some time, but the fans have remained loyal to the club. The worst seasons at the M&T Bank stadium held in downtown Baltimore still managed to sell out all the tickets. The fans have obviously made it known that they are committed to showing loyalty to the club regardless of the current performance.

These are some facts the raven fans will never compromise

  1. We belong to the best team

Raven fans will never regard another club fan claiming they have a better team. The fans would rather point out the fact that their team has had more wins and hall of fame members than all other teams thus still the best.

The Ravens fans also point out they are only 20 years in the game, and they have still never lost the super bowl. Truly the team has maintained a top position which is enviable; they had a wonderful run from 2008 to 2013.

  1. The worst team is the Steelers.

They Raven fans identify Steelers as the worst team, pointing out their poor performances which have become the most disappointing act to watch during the games.

  1. Raven fans continue to bleed purple and blue regardless of the situation.

Showing strong solidarity for their team raven fans have claimed that they are so immersed in the area of club support and they still proudly wear the Baltimore jerseys even on days the team performs badly.

  1. Many people regard ravens as the preferred club.

The raven fan base spreads across many cities, and they have been recognized in the colleges where many young students pledge their loyalty to the club. The other option would have been the University of Maryland team, but they have not performed good enough to earn the fans respect. Raven fans believe regardless of how bad the performance is they will always pull through.

  1. One of the lowest moments was losing the 2011 AFC championship.

At least Raven fans agree on one thing. The loss at the AFC championship was not a good experience. It happened in Pittsburg, 2008; the match was between the Ravens and the Patriots. It was supposed to be a chance to put an end to a long-term rivalry that had torn both club fans apart over the years. The game ended on a sad note with the Patriots getting 23 points and the Ravens had only 20 points. The game ended just when the Ravens looked poised to push their limits to cover up the points needed to win the game.

The final moment was the drop of the ball by Evans at the end zone. It was still a clutch kicker, and a 32-yard shot should have sent the ball to over time. However, the ball was sent to the left giving the Patriots the victory during that game. The Raven fans in Baltimore still regret that loss but they remain solid fans.

  1. All Raven fans look forward to the first Sunday of the football season.

It is such a relief when the offseason during which trades and transfers happen ends. According to WikiPigskin Fantasy Sports the team analyses their positions and the new additions in view of understanding their chances of winning the first games and continue a winning streak. Every new season brings much more to look forward to with enthusiasm for more wins for the club.