There’s nothing quite like attending an NFL game in person. However, with the recent advancemnts in technology and offerings like NFL Sunday Ticket, the Red Zone Channel, Twitter, and DVR’s more and more people have been opting to stay at home instead of venturing out to watch the games. These developments are somewhat disappointing to NFL teams that thrive on filling their stadium with passionate fans. In order to provide people with the best experience possible, many NFL teams are starting to offer improved in-game experiences such as in-stadium WiFi to allow fans to connect to the internet and stream, tweet, and text right from their seats. These upgrades are a big improvement and fans are longer forced to choose between spending an afternoon on the couch connected to a screen or spending it outside in the fresh air taking in some NFL football.

Some of the teams that are offering these new ammentiies include the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, and Jacksonville Jaguars. Whether the team plays in a big market or a small one or is in first place in their division or picking first in the draft, these teams know the importance of making the in-person experience as good as possible for NFL fans. They want fans to buy sports tickets and come out and support the team. If recent history is any indication, these upgrades are doing their job. Fans are coming out to games in droves and the overall satisfaction scores of fans attending the games are increased. People seem to be really happy to ditch the TV for an afternoon and take in the game live and in person.

If you’re thinking about attending an NFL game, it’s an experience that I would highly recommend. As a Packers fan, I can say that there’s no better place to be on a Sunday afternoon than Lambeau field. The fans, the history, and the football simply can’t be beat. And now that the Packers are starting to offer fans free in-stadium WiFi as well, I’ll be able to keep up with my fantasy team and watch highlights right on my phone during the game. It’s going to be an awesome experience and one that I’m definitely looking forward to. The NFL deserves a big thumbs up for putting the fans first and upgrading their stadium experience.