No matter what time of a year, fans of football love to debate on the top NFL stadium. No one knows which teams are going to make to a Super Bowl, but, the top players, or the oldest NFL stadiums, nothing is off-limits, particularly when you do not find any games on an upcoming schedule. To know the fact, NFL stadiums 2019 are the most splendid buildings across the world. The colossal venues need to keep thousands or millions of people engrossed and entertained and comfortable each year, even though on-field performances are not up to snuff. Let us look at the 5 best NFL Stadiums in 2019. These stadiums are going to be the main ones in the upcoming NFL Futures in 2020.

  1. Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Located at Atlanta, Georgia

Capacity around 71,000

Opened in 2017

Most were confused when plans were to tear down Georgia Dome and build this splendid place but just spend a little time in this stadium and you will come to know how it has become the completely new jewel of league and home to Super Bowl. This approach to the affordable concession rates has actually led to the sea change in football and options aren’t skimping on its quality. The unique video board will lead to cool effects and the Atlanta crowd has made this place hostile. Outside of some minor issues with lighting, the newest stadium in this league lives upon the hefty billing.

  1. Lambeau Field (GB)

Located at Green Bay, Wisconsin

Capacity around 81,435

Opened in 1957

It cannot get better than this doesn’t matter what the temperature is. After all, there is the reason why the season ticket list can be measured more in the generations than years. History of TitleTown’s popular landmark is sufficient to draw any football fan in, however, with the modern updates on renovations brought over years have totally struck an ideal balance for this stadium. Oldest continually operated NFL stadium in this league is the highly specialized and there for the kickoff to know that.

  1. U.S. Bank Stadium

Located at Minneapolis, Minnesota

Capacity around 66,655

Opened in 2016

The U.S. Bank Stadium is fresh off in hosting a Super Bowl and has done the flawless job to pull any big event off in spite of the huge quantity of fans & media in town. It is just the technological marvel with many fascinating innovations however; you have got some beautiful great views of this city and the ability to get fresh air when the weather cooperates. What actually makes this place so special are Vikings fans during the game though. Go get loud; doing it with the giant Gjallarhorn is better. The main entrance features 5 of 95foot pivoting glass doors –world’s biggest– and 60% of the translucent roof allows the natural light to come inside the NFL stadium.

  1. CenturyLink Field

Located at Seattle, Washington

Capacity around 68,000

Opened in 2002

Seattle folks have made it with this particular place that is in a great (picturesque) spot of the city. The first thing that you will notice rather fast is how loud the things get when 12s turn things up, also there is a lot you can do during little bits of the downtime. Providing you are not the opposing player, mainly along an offensive line, there is so much to love about the CenturyLink NFL Stadium. CenturyLink Field Stadium is well known for the loud atmosphere and boasting the roof to reverberate noise made by fans. There is also this new Oakland stadium which is getting launched soon.

  1. Arrowhead Stadium

Located at Kansas City, Missouri

Capacity around 76,416

Opened in 1972

It is not often you can find the stadium built in the 1970s hanging in such type of the rarified air but it is same in Kansas City all thanks to the Arrowhead Stadium being the true crown jewel & loudest spot in NFL when all Chiefs fans are shouting at the maximum capacity. Tailgating is also top-notch & has everything under the sun you’re looking for. There’re improvements that have to be made in bones of the place itself however, it is difficult to think about that stuff provided what an amazing game day experience it is going to be.


Choosing the 5 best football stadiums is the matter of preference among fans of a certain team who favor their home NFL stadium as a top pick. This said, there a few stadiums, those that are newer and iconic, stand out as the best.

Article contributed by Hari babu from TechAriz!