If you’re not the biggest fan of football, you know how it feels to be excluded from conversations about the big game at the weekend. Football makes for great water cooler talk, so if Football isn’t for you but you fancy a slice of the action, why not consider fantasy football?

Who knows, you might even end up enjoying it! If you’re not currently part of a league, I would definitely recommend it, especially if you join alongside friends who you can engage with a barrage of trash talk when you beat them. Fantasy football creates a fantastic source of interaction, and if you’re still skeptical about the concept, you might want to reconsider.

Fantasy Football brings out entertainment in the most boring games, where the points accumulated by a single player can be the difference between winning and losing. This makes things a lot more interesting than if you’re subjected to an unexciting game. Though you might think you don’t have enough time to play, in reality the chances are you’ll only need to dedicate a small portion of time each week. Most leagues are free and can be channeled via apps, making the process straightforward.

You’re simply required to draft your team from fantasy football draft boards, set your lineup, and continuously assess ways to improve your team. The more time you invest into research the better you’ll do, and there are even prizes for winners. Fantasy football has become a favorite among various crowds, and here are some top reasons why:

Keep in Contact With Friends

Playing fantasy football is a great way to keep in touch with friends you might otherwise fail to contact. Most people work during the week, meaning there are few opportunities to interact with your friends. If you don’t see your friends as much as you’d like, you can stay connected through fantasy football and talk smack to each other. As your lives move in different directions and places, Fantasy football will remain as a common source of interaction and fun.

Gain Interest in the Sport

OK, so let’s assume you’re not the biggest NFL fan. That’s fine, you can still enjoy fantasy football, and perhaps you will never gain interest in the sport. Alternatively, what if recapping the games to check how many points your players have earned creates a level of intrigue that inspires you to watch a game? You never know: fantasy football might open your eyes to the game, creating a level of intrigue that slowly leads to you becoming a fan, generating a new outlet that’s aligned with your peers!

Monday Mania–Creates a Communication Channel at Work

Monday is the most significant night of the week for fantasy football, where matchups are usually fairly even through Sunday. When you go into work on Monday, if someone asks you about Monday Mania, you’ll be equipped to respond accordingly, and even if your knowledge is basic, this is probably enough to get you through the conversation. People are often judgmental, and if you dismiss their question about football, it can create a bad atmosphere. With Monday Mania, you’ll have a talking point at work, and if you’re going head-to-head with one of your colleagues, this creates a common talking point where you can amusingly trash talk each other leading into the showcase event.