The Champions League is one of the most popular football tournaments in the world. The UK has been a fairly recent adopter of this competition, with many British only tuning in to watch when their teams are playing. In recent years, UK audiences have been tuning in more and more. The Champions League is a football tournament that pits Europe’s best teams against each other. The final of the tournament takes place every year in June. The popularity of the Champions League can be seen in the increased television revenue, sponsorship deals, and huge crowds. It is easy to see why this is becoming more and more popular – it is competitive, with the unpredictability that produces great games. 

If you want to join live sports at home, especially UEFA Champions League live streams, check out my article for top amazing websites.

5 Best Football Streaming Services In 2021


If you love live football streaming and you are a fan of the Champions League, the first website you should look into is First, it’s affordable with many plans to choose from for a single month up to 1 year. After purchasing the package of 3 months at $6/month, I decided to upgrade to a 1-year plan at $5/month. Guess why? Obviously, at this saving cost and premium quality, it’s worth the price. Second, the quality is undoubtedly good. It feels best to me when I can watch Champions league on TV UK at full HD 1080p. Besides, I can watch all other sports tournaments of football, tennis, NBA, and several movies and TV shows. However, there’s also a small minus in that the transcription is only available in English. Generally, Bingsport is a trustful platform broadcasting soccer matches.


Second, if you are going to watch live football on TV, I think you should check out ESPN. First, ESPN is quite a professional site for Champions League games. As I saw, ESPN provides customers with a wide variety of sports and tournaments. They make the schedules detailed, and easily accessible, which is better than most websites. Next, you would love to know that the streaming quality would be up to 1080p at 60fps. It should bring you the best connection to not to miss anything in the matches. Regarding the price, ESPN offers an average $6/month plan. It’s not costly for such a dedicated service, in my opinion. However, ESPN is location-restricted. If you are out of the UK, Middle East, or Africa, you will not be able to access this website. 

Eleven Sports

I think if you love watching the hottest soccer games, you wouldn’t want to miss out on Eleven Sports. First, anywhere and anytime, you can watch Champions League online with Eleven Sports. For as little as £5 a month, you can pause and rewind some of the live football streaming you want. What’s more, the great advantage you get from Eleven Sports is that this is the highlight of a La Liga match. If you’re too busy to watch the full match or just love to see the highlights of the show, Eleven Sports won’t disappoint. I chose this website because it provides a good quality stream while offering our customers an affordable package of services. On the other hand, it’s a pity that some sports and matches are limited in certain regions and countries. Also, the graphics quality is sometimes poor and erratic to watch any match. 


If you are looking for how to watch Champions League final UK, I suggest Stream2Watch. It’s free, which is the best thing ever to watch UEFA Champions League. It’s free, but it does offer great benefits. With Stream2Watch, I can watch any sports, any games I like at any time available. Moreover, you don’t need to be in particular regions like some websites to get access to Stream2Watch. It’s free, diverse, unlimited, many servers available, multi-devices available. However, watching the free live stream on Stream2Watch means I have to accept watching ads, and the insecurity of pop-ups. You don’t get free for anything, and I think you should be careful when surfing such websites. Generally, I believe Stream2Watch is an acceptable alternative to paid streaming services.


The last live football streaming website I pick is Reddit. You may already know about Reddit. I love Reddit when it comes to the “free UEFA Champions League games”. Not only can I watch several matches, sports, and tournaments, but also I can show interactions easily, and comfortably. The live conversations and discussions are one of the most fascinating experiences I get from Reddit. However, everything comes with a price. You have to join a lot of subReddit groups to be able to watch all matches and sports you want. It takes time, and you may come across some impolite, ill-mannered members. Moreover, I think the low quality of streaming and unwanted ads is a big minus when watching live games on Reddit. 

As I listed above, these are the 5 most potential streaming websites for the UEFA Champions League. If you want to purchase a subscription, I think you should check it carefully with a free trial. In case you want to watch the free live stream, you can pick yourself the most suitable ones regarding the risks. I hope that my top 5 best websites would give you the best moments with live football.