While lots of bettors ask this question, there’s no simple and easy answer. Your chances of making a profitable bet improve if you know a lot about a given game, match, or sport. It helps to do research because a well-informed betting strategy can be indispensable in terms of yielding a positive outcome. 


There’s no doubt that football is the most popular sport to bet on, but is it the best? Betting on college football and the NFL generates the biggest revenues each year. It’s very lucrative in terms of sports betting in TN with popular teams like the Memphis Tigers with their legions of devoted fans. 

Football is so profitable because the top contenders lose less frequently than in other sports. You can get long odds before each season after adding a few different schools to make the playoffs. The stronger teams tend to dominate during the season. This leads bookmakers to give excessive spreads, rendering bets on the underdog more lucrative.


Despite its slightly waning popularity, boxing is still quite profitable to bet on. One reason for this is that a boxing match can’t have many different outcomes. Due to this, you don’t need to make a lot of decisions. There are only a few betting lines per fight on the typical weekend. This sport is played throughout the year, which gives people more changes to bet and win. 


Basketball bets can be very profitable, but only if you pick the right moment to make a bet. Even the strongest teams can suffer an unexpected loss during the regular NBA season. One reasonable strategy is to bet on the underdog at the beginning of the season and then change to the favorite after it. 1230 games are played each season, so bettors have plenty of time and opportunities to recover losses. 

The situation is similar with bets on college basketball. March Madness sees the biggest bets. As upsets are always sure to happen, there is a lot of money to be made. 


Baseball is not easy to bet on, but it can be profitable. If you read up on the game, your chances of winning improve because it’s data-driven. A bettor can use hits per inning, pitcher’s walks, and other such statistics to their advantage. There is also a large error margin because each team plays 162 games per regular season. 


Tennis isn’t popular to bet on in the US, but it can bring in a lot of money. If you bet early, you can get good odds. For example, Novak Djokovic is a safe bet, having won the Australian Open eight times. With the French Open, you can make the same claim for Rafael Nadal. He has won it a record 13 times. 

You can always find ways to bet on tennis because matches are played throughout the year. In the earlier rounds, you can make a profit because tournaments go on for weeks. 

Final Say 

The bottom line is that the sport you know the most about is the most profitable one to wager on. In the US, football is widely considered the champion because of how passionately so many people follow it. Your chance of making an accurate prediction increases in direct proportion to your knowledge of the sport and the teams playing it.