When you are in a car going back home, the traffic is the one thing that stands in between. It makes you wit and there is constant honking. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just simply glide along with the traffic and reach home alongside having some exercise? Longboards and skateboards have been in the world for years. But now you see the hype growing more. There are many athletes who master tricks and drop down from a height.

People often confuse between longboards and skateboards. Today we are here to clear out the air and spot the difference between them. This way you will have a clear idea and make an informed decision.

A brief history

You can trace back longboard to as far as the late s. it is when someone looked at someone surfing and thought how fun would that be on land? Skateboards are a gift from a group of bored surfers on a low tide day. All they did, was take out their surfing planks and attached wheels to them. This is how skateboards came to life.

Today it has taken a huge turn with a lot of improvements and a lot of new technology. However, they could not fill the void of surfing on land. Hence came longboards. This industry boomed around the 1990s and so began surfing on land. Even though many people argued that longboards should look exactly like surfboards, the idea.

What is the difference between a longboard and a skateboard?

From history, we understood that evolution has worked its magic and longboards are in existence. But so are skateboards. To a new rookie, they might sound the same. However, there is a reason why longboards came into existence in the first place. Further, we will be discussing how skateboards are different:

1. Sizes and shapes

If you really want to understand the difference between longboards and skateboards, place them side by side. You will notice the difference immediately, the nose and tail of the longboard are many flatters as compared to a skateboard. The nose and tail of the skateboard have more curves so that they can perform tricks and flips. A longboard is obviously longer than a skateboard. They might be as long as 59 inches whereas a skateboard can be around 36 inches.

2. Decks and how flexible it is

When you are skating, the surface where you are standing and controlling the board. This enables you to perform tricks and flips. Longboards generally have thicker decks and low flexes. If not, they will stay steady. This is not the same in the case of skateboards, the decks are thinner and the flex is high which gives it the edge to flip and take swift turns.

3. Wheels and trucks

So what are trucks? We are not talking about big vehicles. Trucks are the base of a longboard or a skateboard. The difference is that on skateboards the tucks are more sustainable and stiff. Whereas n longboards, the trucks are bandy. Moreover, the wheels which tr broader and softer. It provides a smoother ride. With skateboards, the wheels are small and therefore easy to perform tricks.

4. Tricks and speed

In comparison, longboards are much better for rides on streets. Though skateboards are also moving around in the streets. But you will see kids mostly playing tricks in the arena with skateboards. With longboards, you can roam around the place, with empty roads and pretty sights. It provides a much smoother way of going through the traffic. With skateboards, you can make more tricks and flips. As it is inflexible, it will give you a more swift experience.


We are seeing a lot of upgrades in the world and skateboards and longboards are a part of it. They do not require fuel and have moderate maintenance. They are faster and more flexible through the roads. Even if you are on a vacation, you can easily carry them. Then you can slide along the scenery and enjoy the view with your friends. Though you have to be careful of the cars and wear enough gear heads for protection. Wear helmets and make sure your board has grip tape. It will give you friction and you will gain control over the board.