This year’s 2021/22 Formula One season will begin in just under one and a half months. The racing calendar kicks off in Bahrain on March 26 with many promising young, and more seasoned drivers, set to race. This interest has, naturally, meant that punters and betting sites around the world a taking particular note of Formula One this year.

One of the most anticipated drivers in the upcoming 2021 season is Mick Schumacher, the son of legendary seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher. Mick Schumacher has been one of the top drivers in Formula Racing for a few years now. 

The 21-year-old German won the Formula 3 Euro Championship in 2018, even with a 57 point disadvantage going into the last half of the season. Last year, Schumacher secured another championship title with a 14-point lead in the competitive Formula 2 field. Since then he has been trusted to help build the Haas F1 Team for the 2021/22 season. 

Schumacher may be unproven at the Formula One level but he is definitely one to consider betting on.

Mick Schumacher’s teammate will be former Formula 2 rival Nikita Mazepin. Mazepin is also 21 years old but from Moscow. The Haas F1 Team will thus begin the season with renewed strength.

 We have already seen in F2 that Mezepin can drive consistently well, with a car that is not necessarily one of the best. Mazepin also won the Formula 3 Euro Championship as well as the GP 3 Series. Last year, he finished fifth with the Hitech GP Formula 2 team.

Yoki Tsunoda is another one to watch. He came close in last year’s F2 season, narrowly missing out on a championship (finishing third), as a driver for Carlin. Tsunoda’s journey to Formula 1 began in the Japanese F4 competition, which he won. He progressed slowly but surely, racing in Formula 3 and then Formula 2. 

Finally, for the F1 season that kicks off in March, Tsunoda will have the opportunity to make his debut as a rookie for one of the strongest teams in the F1 midfield, Scuderia Alpha Tauri. Tsunoda will probably not win the F1 this year but for individual races, he could be a solid bet.

Fernando Alonso, the two-time world champion Spanish driver, is nowhere near a rookie but will be sure to turn head this year. In addition to the 32 victories he already has, Alonso has gotten onto the podium 97 times, collecting a total of 1,899 world championship points. 

Alonso made his debut with the Minardi team in the early 2000s and then won two world titles with the Renault team. He also competed in McLaren and Ferrari colours and then retired temporarily in 2018. This year, he will compete with Alpine (formerly Renault). The return of the charismatic F1 rider promises no world titles just yet, but exciting surely some exciting races to bet on.

Daniel Ricciardo, the former Renault man, is another one who’s sure to make headlines. With a Formula career consisting of 7 wins, 31 podiums and 1159 points – but still 0 championships, Ricciardo will be looking to go down in Australian racing history. 

Ricciardo is also the only Australian to be competing in F1 this year and because he is now driving for McLaren, which was founded by New Zealander Bruce McLaren, Ricardo will undoubtedly be popular for punters in Australian and New Zealand at any of the best NZ betting sites.

The Formula 1 racing calendar for the 2021/22 season features 23 races and promises fierce battles, not only at the front of the grid but throughout the entire field. It’s anybody’s guess as to how the newcomers will adjust to the pace of F1, and we’ll also have our eyes on the likes of Alonso and Ricardo and whether they can compete with teams full of new riders. However, as the season shapes up, it’s sure to be an exciting one for bettors and F1 fans alike.