Do you thoroughly clean your house and it still looks messy? The problem may be the undiagnosed clutter. When you have stayed in the same place for a long time, you are likely to accumulate a lot of stuff that may make your home look untidy. 

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If your current living space looks untidy, below are some tips for creating a clean and tidy living space: 

i. Hang the curtains properly

When you visit most interior design websites, they recommend hanging curtains up and high. What does it mean? Mounting the curtains hardware directly on the trim of the window may make the windows look smaller. This in turn makes your living room look tiny and cluttered. If possible, install the hardware close to the ceiling and add floor-length curtains. This makes the windows look larger which in turn makes the room look bigger.

ii. Clear the countertops 

Just because countertops are flat, it does not mean placing appliances on them. To avoid looking messy, place as few appliances as possible on the countertops. For instance, if you only use the blender twice a month, you can tuck it away in the cabinet. It becomes easier to clean the countertops when they are totally cleared off. 

iii. Let in light 

A dark room always looks cluttered even if it has less stuff. You can open the curtains to let in natural light. To amplify the natural light, you can hang a mirror directly across from the window. Other tricks may include picking light-coloured or installing floor lamps in corners.  

iv. Conceal the cords 

Electronic devices such as Televisions, game systems, music systems and lamps require electricity. Tangled cords make a living room look cluttered. Instead of shoving the cables behind the furniture, you can try to conceal the ugly wires. This will make your home feel more put together. 

v. Rearrange the furniture 

Avoid the common mistake of pushing all the furniture against the wall. This result in a cluttered look because it leaves few sightlines and leaves a dead zone in the middle of the room. Even if you are short on space, you can still pull the couch away from the wall a few inches to create an illusion of a bigger room.