Are you taller than most people? Were you lined up at the back in the school assembly? Were you bullied and mocked at by your fellows with names like bamboo? Were you unable to focus on your studies due to such harassment and humiliation in school/college? Well, it is time to get yourself outof such false apprehensions. No one has any control over such natural processes, as these are genetic coding which decides our length. Though being the tallest in childhood might have depressed you finally with age, you will realize the benefits of being tall. In this characteristic blog like huffpost , well will discuss 10 reasons why being tall is best:

Prominent and Noticeable Everywhere

Every one of us wishes to be the center of attraction of every ceremony. Desire to get noticed and praised is human nature. An ordinary person with an ordinary height would strive hard and spend a lot to look at his best in a particular gathering. On the other hand, tall people, no matter what they look like, what outfit they wear, are prominent everywhere and at every event. They do not need to spend much on expensive things to get noticed by people. They are easily noticed and admired by people because of their height.

No need of high heel or high sole shoes

Tall girls don’t need to wear heels and tall men do not need to wear uncomfortable heavy sole shoes all the time. Medical expertise has proven heels to be a great threat to our backbone and body posture. It may lead to drastic consequences. Thus, being tall prevents us from such medical hazards. We may walk in any comfortable shoes we want.

Work without any support

If we are tall, we can complete our tasks more effectively. A tall girl in a kitchen would not need anyone else’s support to help her in taking out jars from the cabinet. Similarly, tall people can easily clean a spider webs without any ladder. For a tall nurse, it is easy to hang a blood bag on a stand without someone’s support.

Fitness demand for corporate jobs

Whether you want to join the army or police, your physical fitness is as important as your medical fitness. If you are tall, you will give a very good impression on your interviewer. Tall people are highly recommended in such fields as this is the demand of their fieldwork.

Confidence in Personality

Once a tall person understands the value of his height, he would develop strong confidence in his personality. This brings a positive impact during his academic career and he gets motivated to strive hard in his practical life. His confidence helps him to work hard and eventually achieve his goals. Thus, there are more chances of success for a tall person as compared to a short person

Low Risks of Diseases

Studies have proven that tall people are less likely to get sick and less suffer from chronic diseases like dementia, heart diseases, and diabetes in tall women). radiant.Even they are less prone to arthritis, both rheumatic arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Leadership Qualities

Though leadership demands the qualities of intelligence, integrity, resilience, humility  if he is physically tall, his personality becomes more radiant.

Enjoy High-Calorie Food

Every dreams of enjoying every kind of food but this is not possible as there is a major threat to an individual’s health at the cost of high-calorie food. Long height requires more calories. They can take more calories than people with short height. Tall height prevents them from obesity as most of the calories are easily consumed by their large-sized organs.

Happy People

Studies prove that tall people are usually very happy people. They take less stress as they are cared for and noticed by their loved ones. As they are physically very fit so they do not have the tension of taking a strict diet.

Large Social Circle

Tall people are usually surrounded by people all the time. People are so much impressed with their height that they want to stay close to them, and want to be friends with them.