A while back, the expert surfers always used to wear surf helmets! Experts always preferred to carry a secure headgear for surfing sessions or matches. However, sometime back, there was a trend of not wearing a helmet, which led to critical accidents while surfing. Does that mean that surfers don’t know the risks associated with not wearing a surfing helmet? Or not wearing a helmet is becoming a trend? 

The truth is surfers know the risks of not wearing a helmet, and they also want to look appealing while surfing! Also, according to an Australian study, a protective helmet ensures head safety. Also, 2% of the surfers wore headgear daily. Accidents lead to head trauma. Head trauma is what most surfers are afraid of. According to a study, 51% surfers without a helmet witnessed nasal fractures, facial cuts, perforated eardrums, dental traumas, scalp cuts, and the like. It is essential to choose a company that provides a robust and sturdy surfing helmet. To know more about this, you can check out Softboarder.com

What causes head trauma during surfing?

It is essential to know how head trauma occurs due to not wearing a helmet! It happens because of the seafloor contact. Here the surfer comes in contact with the sand, coral reef, and rocks. However, the majority of surfers face a head injury because of a direct crash with their surfboard. Pointed noses and sharp fins are usually what leads to lacerations. Hence, most surfers like Tom Carroll preferred to wear helmets when they participated in surf contests. 

How can a surfing helmet help?

A helmet helps while surfing shallow reefs

Surfing is an exciting water sport! A surfing helmet helps while breaking the waves through the sharp corals present in shallow waters. It can help to bring down the chances of severe head injury and laceration risks. 

You can navigate huge waves better with a surfing helmet

When the surfer hits his/her head on the surfboard or even the ocean floor, they can lose their consciousness! There’s also a chance of drowning. Using a helmet can avert these precarious conditions and other inner ear injuries, which in turn can lead to dizziness. No surfer should become dizzy while surfing as that will make them lose their control and can lead to death as well. A waterproof headgear that can withstand the waves crashing against the surfer as he/she surfs will keep them safe and provide a clear vision as well. Also, when skilled surfers take part in challenging surfing contests, they should focus on the correct security equipment, which also includes the inflatable vests and helmets. 

Helmets secure the surfers from the elements

It is necessary to choose a helmet that protects the surfer’s ears from cold water and wind! It helps to protect suffers from a condition called exostosis, known as surfer’s ear. Also, the headgear helps to avert all kinds of sun overexposure, which can worsen existing skin issues like melanoma for some people. The helmets come with a visor which secures the eyes and face from sun damage. 

These are some of the essential benefits of investing in a high-end surfing helmet! You can search online and choose the best service provider.