If you are an exercise guru, you probably have spent a fortune over time accumulating your precious gym equipment. You now have to take a small hiatus from exercise, or it is time to travel, and you cannot seem to find a great place to store all the bulky equipment. Using a self-storage unit is one sure way of making sure all your expensive items are in excellent shape when it is time to go back to the exercise arena. 

To protect them from the elements and bugs

Exercise equipment is very sensitive to the elements, especially humidity and the blazing sun. Leaving your dumbbells, shoes, and other pieces of exercise equipment outside will expose them to harmful elements, causing rusting, cracking, warping, and other undesirable changes. You also do not want to dump them in the basement or attic either, or your yoga mat will be reduced to shreds by mice, squirrels, and other inhabitants of those areas. A climate-controlled self-storage unit should keep the elements and bugs away from your precious equipment.

To declutter your garage

The garage in most homes today is home to much more than the car; you will find balls and nets lying around, pairs of sports shoes that the car has probably already run over, and lines of dumbbells almost blocking the driveway. One way to declutter your garage and make it less of an eyesore is to get all the exercise and sporting equipment out of your garage and into a self-storage unit.  If you like the garage due to accessibility, then you do not have to worry, as the companies offer it to their clients as well. You may visit the unit as often as you wish to access what you want and put it back.

To make room for seasonal sports

As summer wanes and the fall beckons, it is time to put away all the baseball, tennis, and golf equipment and bring out soccer, football, and other fall sports items. Make the transition from summer to winter less stressful by opting to rent a storage unit for your equipment. These units come in varying sizes to facilitate the hassle-free storage of any kind, quantity, or sizes of equipment.  

To preserve them

Exercise and sporting equipment are costly, mostly because they are expected to offer service for years. Leaving your items out in the rain or sun is one way of reducing their lifespan and durability, and putting you up for additional costs the coming season or upon your return from your travels. In addition to the cost, you may also have a connection with a particular piece of equipment whose loss would devastate you. Prevent the deterioration and eventual loss of these items by storing them in a self-storage container.


You do not need a costly gym membership to get in shape and take charge of your health. By storing your exercise and sporting equipment safely away in a storage unit, you get to enjoy using them for longer and to take charge of your space as well.