Turn your next backyard bbq event into something more than a spectator’s event! Get your guests up out of their lawn chairs with some competitive sports or a lighthearted, friendly game everyone can enjoy.

Instead of inviting guests over to watch sports while you work the grill, break up the status quo with one of these sports ideas for your next bbq!

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First invented in the 19th century, badminton is actually an Olympic sport and has been since 1992. Very similar to table tennis, it requires a shuttlecock, racquet, and 2 players.

The great thing about badminton is that you can set up a game even without a table or net. Tie a skipping rope between two trees, for example, while you fire up your grill for some meaty angus burgers. Kids can get in on the fun too so no one at your bbq party feels left out.

If you’ve never played before, these are the rules to badminton.


Backyard bocce is another fun sport you can try out at your next bbq. You can almost compare Bocce to the game of marbles, except the marbles are much bigger.

Many people think that Bocce, or bocci, is an Italian sport. Although popularized by Italian immigrants after WWII, bocce goes back to the Roman Empire, and the word is related to an old English term for ‘bowl’, as in bowling.

Bocce, in fact, is a lot like bowling without the lanes.  Find out more about how to set up a game of bocce in your backyard.


Perhaps one of the easiest ways to get guests active at your next bbq is a frisbee. People and animals love this sport, and folks of all ages can play.

2 players or teams, frisbee is great for cardiovascular and aerobic exercise. You’ll work up a sweat and stretch your muscles while enjoying delicious smoked recipes with friends and family!

Try a game of ultimate frisbee with some of your most competitive friends at your next bbq!



Serve up some hot dogs, corn, stuffed cornbread and smoked brisket while family and friends take turns tossing horseshoes.

Easy to set up, easy to play, and lots of fun! Horseshoes is a game for all ages, and challenging enough to be entertaining. The typical horseshoe weighs only 2 pounds. You can purchase a horseshoe game kit from a home hardware store, department store, or sporting supplies chain.


Ready, set, serve! Get your adrenalin pumping and your taste buds salivating at your next outdoor bbq event, especially if you have the best volleyball shoes for liberos. If you and your guests are up for something more challenging and competitive, volleyball is a great bbq sport.

A public volleyball court is your best bet, unless you have an extremely large backyard with high fences. Make an excursion of it and be sure to have lots of drinking water on hand to keep everyone properly hydrated.

Volleyball is an extremely physical sport and definitely not recommended if you suffer from heart problems. Consult with your physician before engaging in high-level activities.

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Table Tennis

Also known as ping-pong, table tennis can be as competitive or as friendly as you want it to be. A lightweight ball, rackets, and table are all that’s required. You can get a table tennis kit that folds up for easy storage, and set it up right in your own backyard.

Since it’s not as intense as, say, volleyball or soccer, you can actually enjoy a beverage or burger in one hand and hold a racket in the other while you play!


Watching the Superbowl or your favorite baseball team is thrilling but kids and adults benefit from staying active too, not just the pros. Your smoked brisket sandwiches will taste that much better after your guests  have worked up an appetite on the field – or your lawn!