Connor McGregor is stepping back into the Octagon for the first time since 2018 when he faces Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone this weekend. However, fans are concerned that McGregor has bulked up too much and could gas out during the fight. According to the Irishman, his increased muscle mass is a new skill in his toolset.

As usual, McGregor is bringing a boatload of hype with him. The most popular UFC fighter in history will be the subject of plenty of betting activity on venues like NetBet casino, but fans remain torn on which way the fight will go.

31-year-old McGregor is returning to the UFC with more questions surrounding him than answers. Is he still hungry? Can he bounce back from his loss to bitter rival Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2018? Has McGregor’s new muscular look put him at an advantage or a disadvantage?

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There’s also the fact he is fighting Cerrone at welterweight, a class he has only had two bouts as. Fight fans will remember McGregor was tapped out against Nate Diaz at this weight back in 2016.

Clearly wanting to avoid problems in weight difference against Cerrone, McGregor has packed on muscle. However, that could be a major problem for a fighter who is known to “gas out” as fights go on.

Many of his supporters are concerned McGregor has put on too much muscle and will be exhausted too soon in the fight.

One fan on Twitter said: ‘More muscles aren’t going to help his gas tank.’

‘Really hope he doesn’t gas out at this weight,’ other Twitter user added.

On the other side of the fence, some fans argued the extra weight and muscle will make McGregor more dangerous. It’s worth remembering the Irishman is a knockout specialist and extra weight could add to his punching power.

One fan wrote: ‘Crazy amount of mass, Cerrone will be no more on January 18th.’

Fans are debating the muscle mass of McGregor, but for the fighter there is no doubt. He believes victory is ensured when he meets Cerrone in the octagon in Las Vegas.

He told ESPN‘I’m going to shine here on January 18th. I’m going to create magic inside the octagon like I have done many times before but this is going to be something special.

‘I don’t think Donald looks well at 155 pounds. Why would I want him to suffer? Why do I care? I could beat him any bleeding weight. I’d beat him if I had the flu. He’s getting knocked out.’