Solving a rubix cube is not rocket science. But rubix cube with pictures is somewhat difficult to explain. It takes more energy and effort to accomplish the cube. There are many approaches to solve rubix cubic with pictures. It is easier to solve a 2 by 2 speed cube than that of a rubix cube with pictures.

But every method has some difficulties to solve. Solving the first face may be simple for people, but they get stuck at the second face while solving the cube. In this position, people need assistance to go ahead.

The layer by layer method may be the most convenient method to solve a rubix cube with a picture. And, in this article, you are here to learn this specific method on how to solve a rubix cube. I do hope and believe that you will end up learning the most straightforward method with the picture at the end of the day.

This method does not require any knowledge of the algorithm. Or, you do not need to get confused with the pamphlet given with the rubix cube as a solver illustrating by pictures.

As you are a rubix player, you should at least know the basic terminology of a rubix cube. Otherwise, it will be time-consuming for you to solve the puzzle.

However, if you are a fresher in this game and want to solve a rubix cube yourself, try to keep these terminologies in your mind, and they are as follows:

F for the front, R for right, U for up, L for left and D for down.

Also, there are two types of rotation you will be needed to solve a rubix cube. These are the clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation.

I think now you can solve the cube following the instruction I am going to share with you through this article.

Now, it should be the perfect time to start solving the puzzle. Let’s delve deeper.

Start with the white cross

In this step, you have to pay attention to the white cross. The first time, it may be a daunting task for you, but practice will make you perfect to solve. You should fix one of the white crosses and then move on to the other white edges to their places.

It takes structured training and discipline, like you see in many other sports, but the ultimate rewards is well worth the time and effort.

Let’s move on to the white corners

When you are all set up with white layers, it’s time to match the white corners. In this step, you have to arrange the first white face in such a way that everything looks good. You need not be an expert or learn many things about their algorithm.

You will find incomplete white corners. All you need to do here is to twist the bottom layer in such a way that the white corner can take its position entirely. Have patience and perform three of the algorithm to match the orientation of the cube.

The second layer comes into the play

This step needs extra care because you have to use the algorithm here to continue the solution process. All the points before it were pretty simple, and you needed no algorithm. As we have already completed the first layer of the white face, we have to keep it unchanged. Forgetting the white face, you need to move on to other corners and colors to match.

The first two layers are going to accomplish. Using the Right and Left algorithm, we can solve the puzzle in this step. From the upper layer, you have to insert the Up-Front edge piece. Make sure you are not messing the whole white face.

Turning the top layer until they match perfectly lined up is essential here. Also, you may need to apply the algorithm two times if the second layer does not match.

What about Yellow face?

Turn the yellow face to the top of the cube to arrange them. Attention is not required here for the colors of the sides. You need to apply the algorithm thrice if you see a dot. When you have a yellow ‘L’ shape pattern, you should not use the algorithm three times, do it twice.

For the alignment of the horizontal line, you need to bring about the changed one time more.

Match the yellow edges

When you are done with the yellow cross on the top of the rubix cube, you need to put the yellow edge pieces to their perfect position by following the given algorithm or, alternately, by following some other time tested strategies.

R => U => R’=> U => R => U2 => R’=> U

Keep the yellow corners on their respective places

Here, you should have only the last layer left to solve. Forgetting their orientation, you have to get them to the perfect place.

You need a piece that is before now in the right position. Soon, moving it to the right-front-top sides by following the below algorithm, you will end up solving the cube.

The algorithm should look like this: U => R => U’ => L’ => U => R’ => U’ => L

You may need to apply the algorithm twice or once depending on the yellow corners on the accurate side.

The orientation of the yellow corners

In this step, you may find that all the pieces of the cube are in their respective places. Only one yellow corner is left to finish the puzzle. Don’t mess up here. By holding the cube in your hand, you have to rotate the unsolved corner on the front-right-top corner.

By following the below algorithm twice, you can end the puzzle by solving it correctly.

R’ => D’ => R => D

This is the most confusing step you have already reached. So, you need to be more careful here until you are done.