If you enjoy online betting, or are simply curious to try it out, you have probably encountered or heard of betting bonuses. A bonus is a marketing campaign by the gambling websites, aimed to attract more customers. The more generous the bonus, the higher the chances that players will pick a particular website over their competition. These days, betting sites are more or less fighting over the customers, which means that there are a ton of great betting bonuses out there that you can take advantage of. But how to find out which bonus is the best one? And what makes some bonuses better for some types of players, and worse for others? Let’s have a closer look at some different types of betting bonuses: So that you may find the best bonus for you.

All bonuses are NOT created equal

Getting something for free is great. But just because you can opt in for a betting bonus doesn’t actually mean it is a good one. Remember, betting bonuses are designed to attract players, but not all players are the same. One bonus may be great for those who have a very large budget for gambling, but really bad for someone who can not afford larger deposits. Likewise, a minor 500% bonus while depositing $10-15 dollars would be great for a casual or first-timer, but that kind of money won’t add up to much for someone who has a lot of money to spend while cheering for his/her favourite sports team. So how do you decide which bonus is the right way to go? Some people like to use comparison websites. These sites are available in more or less every country and language throughout the world, and their aim is to compare betting websites and bonuses, making the decision easier for the players. Such sites as Polish legalni-bukmacherzy.eu/ have helped millions of players around the world, and if you don’t have any idea of where to get started, a comparison website is a great start.

Many types of betting bonuses to choose from

Another important part of selecting the right bonus is being aware of the different options that are out there. Let’s familiarize ourselves with some of the more common types of betting bonuses. But remember, new bonuses are invented all the time, and just because you don’t find a particular bonus on this list it doesn’t mean it can’t be an excellent choice!

  • Matched deposit bonus
    If you have a large budget, you will want to opt for a bonus that gives you the highest amount possible. A matched deposit bonus will give you around a 100-200% extra on your initial deposit up to a certain amount. Meaning if you deposit $100 USD with a 200% bonus, you will have $300 USD to use when betting.

  • Deposit bonus
    Perfect for beginners. The deposit bonus will give you a fixed bonus amount as long as you deposit the minimum required sum. If you are a casual bettor, depositing $15 USD and getting a 500% is a great way to increase your playtime.

  • No deposit bonus
    The number one bonus for first-timers who want to try betting online. With this bonus, the gambling website will give you a small amount of bonus funds just for registering an account at their website.

  • Cash bonus
    A cash bonus is a smaller bonus without any wagering requirements. You can withdraw your winnings as soon as you have them on your betting account.

  • Free bets & risk free bets
    These bonuses let you bet on a match of your choice without risking your own money. A free bet is just what it sounds like: Place a bet with the betting site’s own money, and keep any potential winnings. A free bet works the same way, but you have to have funds on your account and wager your own money. But if you lose, you get the full amount back.

Keep in mind that betting and casino bonuses with online gambling websites always come with Terms and Conditions. We highly recommend that you read these before opting in. In the T&C, you will find useful information such as expiration dates, wagering requirements and more.