Many studies show that CBD oil offers many benefits to the mind and body. In fact, experts now accept that CBD is perfectly safe and a good way to combat many common symptoms or problems. What’s more, with the rise of this acceptance, the use of CBD oil is permitted in the United States and around the world.

But what has any of this got to do with NBA players?

Well, CBD oil provides many benefits to athletes in any given sport. For instance, CBD oil can assist with recovery and pain relief, while helping to protect the neural network that produces energy for the body.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at how CBD oil helps NBA players e better at their job:

8 Ways CBD Helps NBA players be Better at their Job

1. CBD Oil is a Natural Alternative to Creams

Believe it or not, according to CTC Mag, CBD oil is entirely natural and a much safer bet than most medical treatments. As a rule, the product is created from certain tree oils and contains a large presence of antioxidants. You will also find no preservatives in CBD oil and a distinct absence of the greasy texture that accompanies most creams. It’s no wonder so many NBA players are taking an interest in CBD oil!

2. Inflammatory Effects Help NBA Players with Injuries 

As you may know, the inflammatory effects in CBD oil can provide invaluable pain relief for NBA players with injuries or stiffness. Further, the extent of antioxidants help produce myelin sheath which is known to protect the central nervous system. For this reason, CBD oil is especially good for attending to back issues and especially painful parts of the body before and after the games.

3. CBD Oil Helps NBA Players with the Mental Game

Basketball is just as much about mental health as physical ability. In other words, players need to have a healthy mind to reach their potential just like any other sport or profession. After all, players still experience the same anxieties, depression and other mental issues as everyone else. 

But what has this got to do with CBD oil?

CBD oil is known to help with anxiety and depression related issues. Although there are no psychotic effects that you might find with marijuana, CBD can help players feel more relaxed and at ease. More specifically, CBD oil can quell stress and subdue certain behavioral patterns that may not benefit the player.

4. NBA Players Use CBD Oil to Improve Recovery

NBA players can use CBD oil to improve the recovery process after games or training. You see, CBD oil can reduce the production of cytokine and other chemicals which helps the body react positively to inflammation. That is to say, this can help produce an anti-inflammatory reaction that helps the body combat inflammation. By the way, hemp oil and CBD oil are two different things which you can learn more about in this post.

5. CBD Oil Produces Melatonin to Help Players Sleep Better

Good sleep is essential for performance in any sport and CBD oil is known to produce melatonin which can help NBA players sleep better. Just so you know, this is a natural hormone and when produced in healthy numbers, it can help these players sleep better and feel more energized as a result.

6. CBD Oil for Improved Energy Levels?

CBD Oil is often mixed with energy or caffeine based drinks which can help produce energy for NBA players. As if that’s not enough, this combination does not come with any known negative side effects which makes it an obvious choice for athletes in any sport. While there is still much to know about CBD oil as a potential booster, current studies suggest this substance is indeed good for energy levels. It’s also true that CBD oil does not last that long which gives peace-of-mind to players who use the product. 

7. Tending to Issues While Maintaining Performance

In many ways, CBD oil is a form of therapy that helps athletes alleviate physical and mental issues without impeding on their performance. Unlike drugs, CBD oil does not give athletes an unfair advantage but merely helps them better navigate the pain or complications that come with being a professional athlete. Further, this also means that players are not left dazed and confused on the court and safe from stumbling around as they might end up doing after taking certain medications.

8. NBA Players Can Use CBD Oil Instead of Opioids 

NBA players are not permitted to use opioids which offers morphine-like effects but guess what? CBD oil is a legal alternative that can have quite a similar effect. Just so you know, CBD oil helps regulate the immune system by interacting with cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Simply put, CBD oil is one of the safest and most effective substances when it comes to pain relief and strengthening the immune system.

Final Thoughts

While many people still have reservations about the product, studies prove that CBD oil is perfectly safe. In case you might not know, tetrahydrocannabinol is the substance in marijuana that incites mind-altering effects and this is not present in CBD oil. The truth is, there is no proven reason not to avail of the benefits associated with CBD oil and most medical professionals even prescribe this product to their patients. Besides, if NBA players are using CBD oil, that can’t be such a bad thing, right?