Most sports betting sites in the UK offer at least 30 types of sports for their customers. In each one of them, there are from a few to a few dozen leagues, tournaments or competitions.

All this results in tens of thousands of betting options. So, to say that sports gamblers are spoilt for choice would probably be an understatement.

Now, if you’ve been playing pay by phone casino games or poker and decided to give this form of gambling a try, you might feel overwhelmed. Luckily, some leagues might be easier to start with than others.

Below, we provide some details about popular events that bookmakers make a lot of money on. Are they all the same for new players like yourself or are some easier to bet in than others?

Bet on What You Know

Before we get into the details, it’s important to understand that it all depends on your personal interests too. While many gamblers start watching dozens of new sports when they start betting, it’s still a good idea to focus on what you know and like.

Naturally, if you’re into a certain sport already, you’ll know way more about the game, the teams or players and various intricacies. All this matters greatly when predicting the outcomes.

So, for starters, stick to the leagues and competitions that you’re already familiar with. Even if they aren’t as simple as some other options, you’re likely to perform better in your own element.

The Easiest Leagues to Bet In

Let’s take a look at some good competitions and events where you could get started as an online gambler:

Football – Premier League

Football is the most popular sport in the UK and Premier League is, needless to say, the number one league in terms of popularity.

So, you probably know quite a bit about it already. It’s fairly easy to learn the history and current predictions for all the participating teams there. Plus, everyone will follow you if you start telling others about your Premier League betting attempts.

Horse Racing – Cheltenham Gold Cup

Cheltenham gold cup is one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the UK. This National Hunt takes place in March but due to its popularity, you can bet on its way before the event.

Since only the very best participants are involved, it’s fairly easy to learn about them and make a decision regarding the wager. Of course, you should still learn the ins and outs of the sport first. However, the Cheltenham Gold Cup is a great start for that.

Tennis – Wimbledon

Just like the previous examples, Wimbledon is the top tournament in the world of tennis. Taking place in the UK, it’s an event that attracts lots of attention from fans and the press.

For these reasons, you can find out a lot about the upcoming event every year. So, you’ll find it fun as well as simple to place your starting bet in this market.

If you stick to other events, you might simply find it harder to make an informed decision and are more likely to place a losing stake.

Finally, don’t forget that nobody was born an expert, whatever sport you’re interested in. If you lose on your first attempt, don’t abandon it all just yet.